Why We Hope To See a Sandoval and Ariana Confrontation in VPR Season 11

Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix Vanderpump Rules
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Filming for Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules is currently underway and fans are eager to know how Ariana Madix is handling working with Tom Sandoval post-Scandoval.

The former couple was spotted filming at the same location in August, prompting speculation that they were on speaking terms again. Ariana shut down the reconciliation rumors in the August 25 episode of Scheana Shay‘s podcast, Scheananigans. She assured fans she has not filmed any scenes with her ex-beau.

While we completely understand Ariana’s desire to stay clear of her ex, we can’t help but hope for a confrontation between the two Bravo stars in Season 11. Here’s why.

Ariana Can Confront Tom About the Timeline Lies

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Ariana has said in interviews that she has zero communication with her ex. This means she probably hasn’t spoken to him since the Vanderpump Rules reunion. During the reunion, Tom and Rachel Leviss were adamant that they stopped seeing each other for awhile after their first night together. Tom also denied rumors that he slept with Rachel while Ariana was out of town at her grandmother’s funeral.

However, Rachel later came clean about the timeline of the affair in an interview with a producer that aired after Part 3 of the reunion. Rachel told the producer that she and Tom had not taken a break from seeing each other. She revealed they slept together for the second time at Scheana’s wedding in August. The VPR star also confirmed the rumor that she and Tom had been intimate while Ariana was at a funeral.

Ariana did not find out the truth about the timeline until the reunion aired. The cover band star downplayed the affair at the reunion. He claimed it did not go on for as long as viewers initially suspected. We would love to see Ariana confront Tom for lying about the timeline in Season 11.

We Need More Details About Tom and Ariana Still Living Together

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One detail about Tom and Ariana’s break up that has fans scratching their heads is that the former couple still lives together. Ariana responded to the confusion regarding the situation on Scheana’s podcast, dispelling rumors that she is rolling in money.

“I am not rich. I do not have millions of dollars,” Ariana said on the August 25 episode. “I have a mortgage. It’s expensive. I am not going to squander my financial future and stability by putting myself in a position to f**k myself over for the rest of my life because somebody else f***ed up,” she told listeners.

The Bravo star told fans that, despite sharing a home, she has zero interaction with Tom. “I don’t see him. I don’t interact with him,” she said.

We know Ariana’s reasons for staying in the home, but what about Tom? Can’t he crash on someone’s couch or something? We want to find out more about their living situation in Season 11. In a dream world, Ariana would tell Tom to “get out of the house” during an epic confrontation.

We Want the Drama

Ariana Madix Tom Sandoval Vanderpump Reunion
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Another reason we would like to see a confrontation between Ariana and Tom in Season 11 is for the drama. I mean, come on, it is reality television after all. This is the most tension we’ve had between VPR castmates since the Kristen Doute and Jax Taylor affair in Season 2.

While Ariana has stated she has not filmed any scenes with her ex, showrunner Alex Baskin hinted that a scene between the former lovebirds isn’t entirely out of the question. In a July 2023 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Alex spoke about the logistics of filming a reality show when there are strained relationships within the cast.

“We always deal with pushback if different parties don’t want to shoot with each other because of strained relations,” he told the outlet. He noted that the Scandoval situation is more “extreme” than past VPR drama but seemed optimistic about getting Ariana and Tom to film together.

“Ariana and Tom Sandoval, I would hasten to point out, they still live together,” he told the publication. “The idea that they wouldn’t shoot together is a little bit hard to digest. They’re in the same home.”

Hmmm. Maybe all hope isn’t lost.