Katie Maloney, Ariana Madix
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Katie Maloney on ‘Struggles’ Opening Sandwich Shop With Ariana Madix

Something About Her is still sitting dormant, as fans eagerly await the chance to eat gourmet sandwiches and perhaps catch a sight of the sandwich shop’s famous owners. Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney had delayed their opening again due to permit issues. And the feeling must be frustrating for all involved.

The Vanderpump Rules duo went into the project organized, well-advised, and timely. Some of their efforts were filmed for the latest season. They consulted with Lisa Vanderpump, perfected the products, and hosted tasting events. Yet now, circumstances outside of their control keep delaying the opening.

“It’s not there yet,” Katie said of opening

In an aptly titled podcast, Katie detailed the struggles of opening a business. The Vanderpump Rules OG star joined Violet Benson on the Almost Adulting podcast on September 21.

Katie was asked when the new opening date was.

“It’s usually sometime in the beginning of the year,” Katie replied.

Her host then asked Tom Schwartz’s ex-wife what the “hardest thing” about opening her store was. Katie gave a detailed answer.

“This is something that neither myself or Ariana had done before, so the whole thing was a learning curve, and we really wanted to learn each step of the process, and we worked with consultants to begin with, which was great,” she said. “You learn the whole investment process, which was like another language, and then just learn the budgeting of it all. Not going to business school, it’s really difficult to understand the numbers and how it all breaks down over time. Where do you even begin? You’re standing there looking up at this giant mountain and you’re like, ‘Where do I begin?’ It can be very overwhelming.”

Another challenging aspect are the endless question of when the store will open. At this point, Ariana and Katie have had to delay at least twice. She admits that disappointing fans is difficult.

“I know people are excited and they want to come and I know they mean well and they are excited and I know why they’re asking and it makes me excited in that there’s interest there so of course I love that people are asking but it’s like I don’t have an answer. It is stressful because it’s a reminder to me that it’s not there yet, she explained.

No official opening date

Right now, there is no concrete date. Or perhaps Katie doesn’t want to set up fans for another disappointment. She gave answers like, “soon” and “this year sometime” when asked what the new timeline was.

On a personal note, the Vanderpump Rules star has been feeling “anxious” and “stressed.”

“I feel like there’s a lot of pressure right now,” she admitted. “Trying to open up a business is no joke. So much is not up to you. If it was all up to me and I could snap my fingers and make it all happen, I would. There’s just so many hoops to jump through and things just feel, like, impossible at times, and so many things that you can’t foresee and you can only prepare for so much. We were definitely prepared for there to be obstacles and difficult times and for it not to go according to plan. But there are so many things you can’t prepare for. Once you get to it, you’re like, ‘What do I do?’ And you feel helpless at times. You just feel stuck. You don’t know how to get yourself past it.”

“You just gotta like remain hopefully I guess and trust the process and trust that the universe is gonna have your back,” Katie concluded.

Hopefully the pair can get Something About Her open soon!