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Bethenny Frankel Doesn’t Blame Jeff Lewis for ‘Ambush’ on Watch What Happens Live

Bethenny Frankel is replaying every moment she’s felt maligned by Andy Cohen in the past 15 years before bed and it shows. Here’s some advice, GO TO SLEEP! The Real Housewives of New York alum has been recently reflecting on her relationship with the man who changed her life, and it isn’t going well.

Beth and Andy used to be BFFs and he held her in very high regard when she was on RHONY. Her closeness with Big Daddy also warranted her several Bravo spinoffs including shows about her marriage, her baby, and businesses.

But now we find out Andy is the evil devil who ambushes old friends and keeps women down. On an episode of her podcast ReWives, Beth decided to beat a horse that has been dead since last year. Yes, she’s still mad about the Watch What Happens Live with Jeff Lewis.

Everything is Andy’s fault and don’t you forget it

Some of us reminisce about our child’s toddler years or memories of our parents being young. Bethenny looks back on a network she will never ever appear on again. She’s never gotten over that one time on WWHL where she felt “ambushed” and she wants to make sure no one else gets over it either.

Apparently, Beth now believes Andy and Jeff planned a secret allyship to publicly embarrass her on national television. Back in my day, we called this being paranoid. But Bethenny calls it an “ambush.”

I’m not sure what she was expecting when agreeing to appear alongside Jeff, who has never been known for his wallflower personality, but it’s not his fault. It’s Andy’s fault because she knows she bit off waaaaaay more than she can chew on this one and blew up a very important person in her world. Now Andy has to become the Ultimate Villain so she can validate going off the rails.

During WWHL, Jeff clocked Beth’s ReWives podcast because it wasn’t original. Additionally, Andy felt her new venture was “hypocritical” since she does nothing but trash Real Housewives.

Basically, Andy and Jeff were saying what everyone else was saying, and no lies were told on that day. But the truth hurts and Beth felt stabbed. That said, obviously, Andy made Jeff do his dirty work and she doesn’t “blame” Jeff. She said, “He, too, is talent on the show, trying to make a living, trying to promote what he’s promoting and [is] part of this machine.” Sure, Jan. Whatever you say, Jan.

Andy is the drama …

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Jeff was definitely being Jeff and “asked very provocative questions” but Andy was the one who “came for her.” She also thinks Andy went on a mission of destruction and further sullied her name on WWHL, his radio show, and “in many interviews.”

“As someone who thought they were his friend on some level, Andy didn’t come to me directly to tell me what he thought about the show that I was doing,” Bethenny added. Also, did Bethenny go to Andy and ask his opinion of “his friend” doing a podcast slamming Real Housewives?

She continued, “I’m entitled to talk about something that I was as much a part of as he was. He actually never got dirty; I actually got dirty in it.” Further, Bethenny is convinced because Andy became obsessed with trashing her name, it “boomeranged on him because it was [followed by] several weeks of bad PR for him.”

Are the numerous times Andy went after Beth in the room with us right now, because I’m drawing a blank. I think this woman might need a break. Andy also “became a ‘Housewife’” at that moment because he “took the bait” and said “several things negative against her.”

Okay we get it, Beth doesn’t like Andy

Bethenny said “Andy Cohen has built a fortune and bought beach houses on the backs of like 180 women” from one of the many homes she received as as a result of being successful on Real Housewives.

But wait, there’s more! Then Bethenny went back to the WWHL episode and brought Bryn Hoppy into the mix. She had been backstage and was upset she had seen Mommy in front of a “firing squad.”

“After I returned from my segment, I came back in [to the green room]. And Bryn was like, ‘Mama, I didn’t like that. He was mean to you,’” Bethenny shared. Bryn also “felt that everybody was ganging up on [her] and bullying [her].” OR you could maybe not bring a kid to WWHL where people are sarcastic and drinking. If Bryn worries about Mommy being bullied, Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps would like to enter the chat from a different POV.

Here’s where it would be beneficial to point out that after the WWHL that has haunted Beth for almost A FULL YEAR, Jeff and Andy both issued an apology to her after the show.