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Mauricio Umansky ‘Playing With Fire’ After Buying $32 Million Mansion and Undercutting Dictator’s Son

Riddle me this, Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky are having marriage issues. All of a sudden Kyle is hanging around a female country singer and getting tattoos. But Mo has been dilly-dallying with a dictator’s son who allegedly eats human testicles. So you tell me, what is our storyline?

Mauricio can show his face on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dancing with the Stars, and whatever real estate program he has going on. However, Mo might want to keep looking over his shoulder for the next couple of years. The Malibu Mansion lawsuit debacle continues and Radar has the scoop.

Mauricio pissed off the wrong broker

When Mauricio made a $32 million deal on a mansion in Malibu, he was probably pretty proud of himself. Unfortunately, there were some sketchy things happening in that deal. Years later, Mauricio is still trying to make it go away.

Kyle’s “estranged” husband may or may not have given another broker a raw deal over the sale and now that guy is telling some very interesting tales. Real estate broker Aitan Segal believes Mauricio was playing some fancy games with his own life when dealing with “the notorious playboy son of an African dictator who allegedly eats the testicles of his enemies after skinning them alive.”


That doesn’t sound like someone you want on your bad side. Aitan was trying to purchase the Malibu property for potential buyer, Sam Hakim. Aitan revealed private text messages to Sam from 2017 after they found out Mauricio profited $37 million on the sale of the home with his partner. One year later, Mo sold it for … $70 million.

The federal government requested Mauricio sell the Malibu house because it was seized from Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue. He is the son of the president of the African nation Equatorial Guinea. This man was also busted stealing money from his own country. Teodoro agreed to the sale. He would then use $10 million of the money received from a buyer to pay a fine from the Justice Department. Then he agreed to donate any remaining money to charities in his home country.


The potential buyers

In 2019, Aitan, the other broker who wanted the home, and his buyer, Sam filed a lawsuit for $35 million against Mauricio and his partner. They claimed they offered $40 million to Mo to purchase the mansion but it was completely disregarded because ALLEGEDLY Mauricio had a plan in place.

In one of the 2017 text messages to his client, Aitan the broker said, “We could have flipped it for 20 more without even a facelift.” That was sent after reading about the sale of the home online.

It continued, “If the Seller thought that Mauricio was truly helping them as their agent, I do not find that to be a wise choice. The Seller (is) not kosher and Mo (Mauricio) could be playing with fire. Top 10 most dangerous people in the world.” It sounds like Aitan thinks Mauricio might have taken a dirt nap if Teodoro found out about having his money messed with. Allegedly.

These texts were uncovered in Los Angeles Superior Court documents. Mauricio wanted the courts to throw out the case against him because he believed the statute of limitation to file claims had expired.

“The 2017 Article explicitly discussed the partnership between [Mauricio’s partner] Oberfeld and Umansky that Hakim falsely and repeatedly has claimed he did not learn about until August 3, 2018,” legal papers show.

Is Mauricio hiding messages?

Both Aitan the broker and Sam the potential buyer say Mauricio and his partner are hiding their emails that would fully uncover the alleged scam that grifted tons of money from the alleged testicle eater and his country.

Testicle eaters’ father, Teodoro Obiang Nguema, has been in charge of the African country since 1979 and has a very unsavory reputation. He is also described as “pure evil.” The guy who Mo allegedly stole from is his country’s vice president in charge of National Defense and Security. He was also recently in NYC to address the United Nations General Assembly on behalf of his daddy the dictator.

Good luck out there, Mauricio!