Tom Sandoval
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Tom Sandoval Officially Unmasked on The Masked Singer, to Nobody’s Surprise

While Ariana Madix continues thriving on Dancing with the Stars, her co-star and ex, Tom Sandoval, just got axed from The Masked Singer. Despite reportedly feeling down on himself, the Vanderpump Rules star has been quite productive in the wake of Scandoval, appearing on two other reality shows.

Unfortunately for the musician, he was figured out pretty much immediately. With fans so certain of The Diver’s identity, they immediately began clowning on his performance. If the clues in the package weren’t enough, one fan even compared The Diver’s dancing to Tom’s signature moves.

So, on Season 10’s second show, Tom was figured out, unmasked, and sent packing. He’s not the most controversial pick the show’s ever had. But regardless of controversy, the hosts always try to treat their guests with grace, including someone so embroiled in scandal like Tom.

Tom “felt protected” on The Masked Singer

As soon as Tom was unmasked, he pointed straight at Ken Jeong, who had correctly guessed his identity. Nick Cannon said he “wouldn’t have guessed that one.” Tom said of his experience, “Being able to come out here and perform … behind the mask, not being judged, just being judged on my performance, it was really nice.”

Unfortunately for Tom, almost everyone knew it was him. Tom said he knew he was “getting guessed right away.” Ken called Tom the “biggest star on television right now.” Perhaps the most talked about. When asked whether coming on the show was difficult, he said, “Yeah, it was. But it was nice, I felt protected under the mask.”

He went on, “I mean this costume is incredible.” He concluded by saying, “There’s so many talented people here, I’m just honored to be part of it.” In all sincerity, at least he could project some humility. And while so many VPR fans are glad to see him go, some Masked Singer fans felt he got robbed.

Vanderpump Rules is expected to return to Bravo in early 2024. The Masked Singer continues Wednesday nights on FOX.