Below Deck Grudges that Continued on Social Media

(Photo by: Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo via Getty Images)

As we’ve seen on Below Deck, the relationships that form between various crew members can lean towards the toxic. To be fair, some seasons have presented with solid teamwork and laughs. But mostly, cattiness and shady confessionals are the norm. Which we’re fine with, because this makes for great television.

As each season airs, certain cast members have taken to their social media platforms, continuing on with their hot takes. If you enjoy clap backs and pettiness when it’s not at your own expense, ditto. Therefore, we’ve rounded up some of the messiest online moments since this hit Bravo series first premiered in 2013. Starting with the newest to the oldest, these are the most notable Below Deck grudges that have carried over to social media post filming.

Natalya Scudder vs a Silent Tumi Mhlongo

Below Deck Bravo/Instagram

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8 has only just begun, and yet, yikes. When Chief Stew Tumi Mhlongo and one of her Stews, Kyle Viljoen, became stuck in immigration, they missed the first charter. Stepping in as a temporary leader, Natalya Scudder performed well, but when Tumi finally walked onboard, their tension was obvious.

In the comments of a post that discussed Tumi’s pet peeves, Natalya showed that her grudge is still sadly alive. “My biggest pet peeve is when someone lets a certain person influence their opinion on someone before even meeting them,” she wrote.

Here, Natalya was alluding to Kyle likely poisoning Tumi’s mind against her while the pair were stuck in immigration. “My other pet peeve would be ungrateful people who can’t even say thank you for holding down the fort for 4 days, while being crew down, while setting up a boat, while running on no sleep,” she ended.

On both of these grudge-holding comments, Tumi has (so far) remained silent.

Captain Lee Rosbach vs Captain Sandy Yawn

Captain Lee Rosbach/X

Captain Lee Rosbach had to temporarily exit filming during Season 10 to focus on his health. Therefore, Captain Sandy Yawn came onboard, firing two of his stews in the process. Afterwards, she notified Captain Lee, and his grudge appeared online as the first firing aired.

“Had I been replacing Capt Sandy on her boat temporarily and felt the necessity to fire one of her crew, I would have called her first to let her know what I was doing and why. I agree with her decision, just not how she went about it,” he tweeted.

As a response, Captain Sandy passively tweeted a meme that expressed how normal people don’t destroy others. When called out, Captain Sandy stated that her response wasn’t aimed at anyone, but the tension between these two Below Deck icons came through clearly on social media.

Hannah Ferrier vs Malia White & Captain Sandy Yawn

Hannah Ferrier/X

Below Deck Mediterranean’s long-standing Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier was fired during Season 5. After Hannah pissed Malia White off for refusing to vacate their cabin for Malia’s incoming man, Malia’s grudge grew. She went through Hannah’s belongings, snapping an image of Hannah’s prescribed Valium. She then sent this to Captain Sandy, who fired Hannah, as Hannah hadn’t disclosed her medications.

When this aired, Hannah posted the image that saw her canned. “I like Malia’s arranging skills,” she tweeted. Malia returned the grudge on Instagram, but after receiving backlash, she edited her post and removed every comment. Basically, Malia shared that she was just doing her job, as Hannah had broken protocol on Below Deck.

Hannah also tweeted her frustrations with Captain Sandy. “Absolute nightmare. Imagine being in the midst of anxiety and just coming off a violent panic attack and having your boss accuse you of having ‘drugs onboard’ with a camera in your face…” she penned. On this, Captain Sandy did not respond, but after four combative seasons together and these posts, it’s clear that a grudge will always exist between these Below Deck stars.

The Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 Cast vs Itself

Bobby Giancola/X

Lasting over 16 hours, the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 cast takes the cake for their online feud. The drama began after Bobby Giancola shared a tweet, thanking his fans. However, Lauren Cohen, who has since deleted her account, replied, alleging that Bobby bought his followers. Calling Lauren out, Bobby tweeted “Maybe u were 1 of my bought followers since u were the 1st one to respond wanting to go to WWHL w/me.”

Wesley Walton then entered the mix, standing up for Bobby by writing “You posted this to get a rise.” Lauren replied that she was allowed to exercise her freedom of speech. Clearly annoyed, Wesley responded, explaining to Lauren that this online feud was “not good for the show.”

While this tweet should have wrapped things up, other crew members jumped online. Hannah was on Lauren’s side, while Max Hagley, Bugsy Drake and Malia stood with Wes. At this point, the direction of this online feud moved to Hannah’s kiss with one of their past charter guests. Malia, who has deactivated her Twitter presence, expressed a lack of respect for Hannah’s kiss.

When a random fan called Malia out, as Malia had kissed two crew members, Wesley returned. ”It’s a dismissible offense to make out with a charter guest but not with crew,” he explained. Hannah was quick to reply. “I love how u make the rules now,” she tweeted to Wesley.

Bobby interjected, but Hannah cut him off with a simple tweet of “No ones talking to you…f*ck off.” Needless to say, Below Deck Season 2 was divisive, and the grudges that spilled over online post filming were heated.

Kate Chastain vs Malia White

Kate Chastain/X

Back when they were tight, fellow former Chief Stew Kate Chastain had Hannah’s back. On the above long Twitter fight, of which she was not even a cast member, Kate tweeted “Malia makes out with 2 crew members and suddenly becomes the voice of yachting professionalism.” Malia clapped back, saying, “You don’t need yachting experience to judge professionalism.”

Sure, Jan.