Why RHONJ Fans Want Teresa Giudice Gone

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It isn’t really a surprise that some Real Housewives of New Jersey fans are turning on Teresa Giudice since her behavior has been pretty damn appalling. The RHONJ OG has been on the franchise from day one and was once a rather relatable character. However, over the seasons, her ego grew bigger than her wedding hair and turned Teresa into a pretty petty personality. 

Teresa is very much the epitome of the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mantra, often needing to be the loudest in the group to feel important. Yes, there are other villains in other franchises, but the fact remains Teresa has yet to have one single moment of redemption, indicating that all hope is lost. 

Fans Dared To Boo Tre

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No, this isn’t the Twilight Zone. Fans who attended BravoCon actually booed Teresa when she walked on stage and started talking about her falling out with Melissa and Joe Gorga. When Andy Cohen commented on the current state of affairs between Tre and Mel, he revealed that their relationship was nonexistent.

Even though many would argue that Teresa is an irreplaceable part of the cast thanks to her ability to pull in ratings, the crowd started cheering, “Fire Teresa!” Tre should be shaking in her boots because followers are fed up with her antics. 

​Teresa’s Star Power Is All Dried Up

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Over the years, Teresa has been the catalyst for some memorable made-for-TV moments like her table flip, stripper-gate, and orchestrating Margaret Josephs‘ hair pull. However, since dating and marrying Louis Ruelas, her attitude has shifted to protecting him at all costs.

Season 12 showed Margaret discussing rumors about Luis’ past, which Tre didn’t appreciate. While she is known to be extremely protective over her family, the mother of four took her Jersey attitude too far as she started to body shame Margaret as a way of bullying her. Teresa has been standing alone for a while, and it is entirely possible that is because of her lousy attitude.  

Teresa Comes Across as Self Serving

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Teresa has a clear pattern when it comes to making friends as she quite obviously only aligns herself with people who worship the ground she walks on (cough Jennifer Aydin cough.) The OG of RHONJ also continues to lie even though there is often overwhelming contradicting evidence.

As the times have changed and the seasons have progressed, it has become harder and harder to comprehend why fans tolerate Teresa. There is a clear consensus that many viewers are getting tired of watching her thanks to her illogical bullsh*t, hypocritical stances, and genuine belief that she calls the shots on the series. 

Teresa Gives North Jersey a Bad Rap

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I think most readers have figured out I am a North Jersey girl proudly from Bergen County, not Morris County like Tre. I defend North Jersey as the absolute best place to live, so like many other natives, watching Teresa represent our slice of heaven hurts.

In the beginning, I could almost understand why Teresa was an okay representation, as she was very family-oriented, loved to tan, and was Italian. With the success of Jersey Shore, the image made sense. But that just isn’t who we North Jersey girls are. And frankly, most of us live near RT 17, not RT 287—if you know, you know. 

Teresa Is Emotionally Draining

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Frankly, it is no longer enjoyable to watch a TV personality who is so incredibly thick, hypocritical, judgmental, egocentric, and narcissistic. For seasons, viewers have seen Teresa spin narratives in her favor and make the show all about her, not letting the other women get a storyline in edge-wise. And yes, we fans are part of the problem since, for a while, we let her get away with murder, giving her pass after pass. But enough is enough.

No longer is it okay to watch Teresa try to force everyone to hate the Margarets or Jackie Golschneiders of the group just because they often bring logic, rationality, and an understanding of the real world while Tre chooses to bury her head in the sand. Bravo has clearly gone to extremes to keep Teresa around, but it just may be time for a new queen who can represent a different demographic than just trying to pretend to be a Mob queen.