All the Ways Erika Jayne Benefited from Tom Girardi’s Fraud

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Erika Jayne of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is undoubtedly a polarizing character within the franchise. Thanks to her smokey voice, take-no-prisoners attitude, and her love of everything luxury, fans have kept a close eye on the gold digger, I mean popular Real Housewives star. Many have questioned how hard Erika has worked for her gold-plated life, with some insinuating she married for a purpose. Whether it was true love or not, Erika Jayne benefited from her marriage to Tom Girardi. She received a certain kind of life with him, and wasn’t willing to give up on what she had become accustomed to. 

No More Shakers for Erika

Erika Jayne/Instagram

One benefit of marrying Tom Girardi was that Erika could leave the world of go-go dancing at Shakers and waitressing in L.A. behind her. After meeting her geriatric husband, Erika moved into his Pasadena, California mansion, where she had her own church, lavish grounds, and library. All she had to do was sleep with the crypt keeper.

Bravo viewers got a sneak peek into her home during earlier episodes as the cameras caught Erika readying herself in the grand room, which seemed a long way from Atlanta, Georgia. 

Erika Got a Pop Career

Erika Jayne/Instagram

After claims that Erika stole $25 million from Tom’s firm, the Pretty Mess singer asserted that her pop star status was self-funded. Erika once wrote in her 2018 memoir, Pretty Mess, “The whole Erika Jayne project was only possible because I’m self-funded. Now, the haters are always going to say, ‘All you do is spend your husband’s money.’ First of all, it’s our money. Know how I know? Because the IRS tells us that it is. My name is on the tax return, too.”

It became clear that there was an advantage to a “strong checkbook.” It’s hard to believe that Erika would have honestly had the opportunity to do anything if she hadn’t been married to Tom. Frankly, admitting your singing career only exists because you’re paying to perform is a weird flex.

According to court filings, a company loaned money to Tom’s firm, Girardi Keese, for business expenses. The paperwork suggested Tom improperly funneled more than $20 million to Erika’s entertainment company. 

Erika Is Living Large

Erika Jayne/Instagram

Despite a 32-year age difference, Tom and Erika seemed happily married for their 20-year union. But could this have been only because money makes the world go round? In February 2023, Tom was charged with five counts of wire fraud for stealing money from clients and victims of the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 crash from 2010 to 2020. According to E! News, Erika was dismissed from the case, but the damage was done. It was alleged that Tom funneled money to EJ Global LLC to fund her lavish lifestyle. 

Erika gained a lot during her marriage to Tom. Even though it may not have always been puppies and rainbows, the Bet It All On Blonde star was thrust into the life she has now. There is something special about being able to buy a designer purse on a girl’s trip without looking at the tag, and there is something special about not having to worry about a utility bill. Yes, Erika has downsized, and yes, her life has changed. But Erika is still living well, and that is in part due to her tie to Tom. 

Erika Has a Glam Squad

Erika Jayne/Instagram

Evidently, having a glam squad when you are a Real Housewife is a right of passage. Thanks to Tom, Erika admitted that she spent $40K a month on her hair, makeup, and outfits. Even amid her legal woes, Erika still has her glam squad by her side, revealing on an episode, “You can downsize and we’ve downsized, right? Certain things you don’t downsize on, and that’s your glam.” 

Without Tom, she wouldn’t even have known what a false eyelash is, let alone put an entire outfit together. Erika even doubled down, stating, “Fashion, hair, makeup—to me, it’s art. Living art, and I enjoy that. And it shouldn’t be judged any other way. Nobody judges if people wanna have big families. I wanna buy a bunch of clothes.”