Real Housewives Accused of Being Gold Diggers

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There’s no doubt that some women who starred in the Real Housewives were only after money and power. With the price of groceries nowadays, you almost can’t fault someone who wants to better themselves and get ahead in life—especially if they are tired of living on ramen. These Real Housewives accused of being gold diggers used their looks and sex appeal to get exactly what they wanted out of life.

As the saying goes, don’t hate the player, hate the game. And that is totally right. This special group of women would have had mundane lives if not for meeting their wealthy men. It isn’t like they were black widows who killed off their rich spouses; they just wanted a Gucci bag or two. God bless the women who have no problem being scrupulous.  

Meghan King

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It was tough to be in the OC, as Meghan King learned extremely quickly after Vicki Gunvalson accused the mother of three of being a gold digger. Real Housewives of Orange County showed Meghan newly married and struggling to manage her husband, Jim Edmonds, who was distant both in location and emotions. Needless to say, Meghan was constantly being judged by her older co-stars. 

The OG of the OC, Vicki, often talked about Meghan during her confessionals. She even said, “I’m just saying if I were the husband and I was making all that money, I would be angry if I came home and saw that my wife, who doesn’t make a paycheck, bought a Louis Vuitton bag!”

Many agreed with Vicki and felt that Meghan did live off her husband’s money. It didn’t help that Jim had also been married twice and had a tendency to pick younger wives. Again, Vicki made sure to point it out nastily. “What’s Megan going to do when Jim moves on to wife number four?,” Vicki questioned.

Erika Jayne

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Erika Jayne was a curious case as some felt she was a polished gold digger while others thought she could just be a victim of a financial swindler. As the story goes, Erika met Tom Girardi in the 90s when she was waitressing in West Hollywood. A year later, she gave Tom her number, presumably after she learned just how much he was worth. There was a major age difference, 32 years to be exact, so red flags were waving,

Tom was later accused of embezzling millions of dollars of settlement funds meant for families of the victims of the 2018 Lion Air flight crash to fund his and Erika’s ostentatious life. Many would argue that Erika enjoyed her luxurious life and designer duds and didn’t care where the money came from. However, with Erika, it seemed that everyone involved was aware of the deal. Tom, being a once powerful lawyer, needed arm candy, and Erika wanted to make her dreams come true, so it seemed to be a win-win. 

Ashley Darby

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With a 29-year age difference, Ashley Darby was very used to being called a gold digger when she was married to Michael Darby. The Australian native made his money in real estate, and as fans know, Ashley came from a poor background. She did seem to love her husband. However, there were still signs that she may have been in it for the money.

Ashley once explained during a confessional that their prenup stated that she needed to stay married to Michael for five years to qualify for any money. Ashley once thought she would be entitled to half of his assets but ended up with nothing, even though he had cheated multiple times within their marriage. 

Gretchen Rossi

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Gretchen Rossi was often called a gold digger thanks to her relationship with Jeff Beitzel, who was 23 years older and an automotive executive. It also helped that Jeff was a millionaire. Gretchen was often seen as manipulative as she bragged about her ostentatious gifts, like a motorcycle and diamonds. It’s no surprise she’s one of the Real Housewives accused of being gold diggers.

Once Jeff became sick, Gretchen was also blasted for cheating. It seems her cash mule was easily replaced, which didn’t bode well for the blonde. 

Kim Zolciak

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The mother of six never hid that she used a man named Big Pappa to fund her lifestyle. Big Pappa, aka Lee Najjar, was a rich married man. However, that didn’t stop the wig connoisseur from sucking him dry.

Big Pappa paid for Kim Zolciak‘s Range Rover, townhouse, and multiple other gifts. Kim is, without a doubt, considered one of the top Real Housewives gold diggers.