5 Things We Hope Rachel Leviss Addresses In Her New Podcast

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Rachel Leviss isn’t returning to Vanderpump Rules post Scandoval. Instead, Bethenny Frankel‘s given the former SURver a different platform, away from Bravo, in which to tell her truths. Executive produced by iHeartPodcasts and the “Just B” Podcast Network, Rachel is launching her own podcast named “Rachel Goes Rogue.” Like this announcement or not, everyone else from the VPR cast is cashing in right now, so we get it.

The first episode of Rachel Goes Rogue drops on January 8, 2024. On her podcast’s page, Rachel shared that her time on the mic would see many topics covered, while also stressing that she’s ready to come clean. This sounds tea-filled, so naturally, we’ll take one for the team and listen when the time comes. When we do, here are the top five things that we hope to hear Rachel Leviss address in her new podcast.

All Things Scandoval


Yes, we know that Rachel has already spoken out on her affair with Tom Sandoval. After Rachel’s appearance on ReWives with Bethenny Frankel, however, we still have questions. When editing and producing a reality television series like VPR, a lot of footage always gets left on the cutting room floor. But with her own podcast, we can expect to hear every single detail that Rachel wishes to speak-on, and on Scandoval, speak away girl.

“I’m going to tell you what’s true, what’s false and the secrets I’ve been waiting to reveal,” Rachel says, regarding the type of content that we can expect to hear. We here at Reality Tea are huge fans of truths and secrets. Exposed false narratives are also fun to hear, so for this snippet and subject alone, here’s what are hoping she is speaking on.

What did Tom Schwartz know about their affair, but really, what’s the full truth about his knowledge and involvement? Can the real, complete timeline of this affair be addressed? What dirt exists on Sandoval’s duplicitous ways that hasn’t yet been released? Like the rest of the world, we’re over it, but if there’s something new to add, then we hope to hear Rachel address it it in her new podcast.

Manufactured VPR Storylines

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Former, and now returning, Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor once spoke about the realness of this series to Us Weekly. Basically, Jax hinted that this series was fake. “I was just very irritable on the show. It was getting a little bit too scripted for me and I just couldn’t do it anymore,” he said, adding, “It wasn’t fun.”

This claim piqued our interest, as over the years, certain narratives have definitely felt contrived. Was the Scandoval storyline staged? Either way, was Rachel ever involved in any storyline that was producer created? Listen, we will watch either way, but we’d love to hear Rachel’s response to Jax’s claims on her new podcast, just so that we can watch this series with less than a full grain of salt, if true.

Kristen Doute’s Claims About James Kennedy

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Before Sandoval, Rachel was engaged to James Kennedy. Prior to Rachel, the DJ dated Kristen Doute. Draw it out if it helps, but you’ll find that this cast is all connected, in one way or another. Overall, VPR likes to keep it in the family, which we aren’t mad about, because…drama.

After parting ways, Kristen claimed that “dark” truths about James would soon come out. As Rachel also shared a romantic period with James, she might be able to either free her ex from Kristen’s claims, or, agree that James does indeed have non-number one guy in the group attributes. Either way, we’d love to hear Rachel address Kristen’s claims on her new podcast.

Rachel’s Mental Health Journey

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Following high levels of backlash from her affair with Sandoval, Rachel entered into a mental health facility in order to heal. Yes, Rachel made horrible decisions, and people were allowed to be upset by her actions. However, viewers’ frustrations then turned to threats, so we can understand how this all became too much for Rachel to process.

It’s been several beats since she has addressed her time spent in treatment, so we’d love to hear an update on Rachel’s new podcast, hopefully showing further upwards movements in her mental health journey.

Does Rachel See a Path Forward With Any of The Cast?

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The women on Vanderpump Rules, alongside James, came hard for Rachel after her affair. Sandoval got a ton of heat too, to be fair. However, he has been spotted filming in recent months, and from the looks of it, Sandoval will be forgiven in Season 11, by a few of the cast at least. But, has anyone equally forgiven Rachel?

Right after the reunion, Lala Kent showed empathy for Rachel, but then a few months later, Lala recanted. This happened roughly three months ago, and a lot can happen in that amount of time. Therefore, we’d like to hear Rachel address her current status with her old cast members. On her new podcast, we’d also like Rachel to address whether or not she could see any paths forward with her former friends co-stars, and if yes, which star would be the most receptive to her presence, in her opinion.