Signs That Alexis Bellino’s Promise Ring Is a Dig At Shannon Beador

Alexis Bellino
(Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube)

Alexis Bellino is no longer on Real Housewives of Orange County, but she’s still causing drama with its series regular, Shannon Beador. Even though these ladies never starred on Bravo together, they have a true love male cast-adjacent member in common. You see, John Janssen, Shannon’s ex, is now dating Jesus Jugs. It’s messy, and now, many are hoping to see Alexis return for Season 18.

Before taking on her new recycled partner, Alexis was married to a man named Jim Bellino. Jim actually appeared beside Alexis while the pair were married. From Seasons 5-8, Jim and Alexis’ conservative, borderline controlling, marriage played out on RHOC. Then, in Season 9, Alexis left the series, while Shannon made her entrance.

Several years later, Shannon appeared on a podcast with Tamra Judge. During this, Shannon and Tamra made supposed negative remarks about Jim’s former business, a trampoline park. In turn, Jim sued both Shannon and Tamra for defamation, claiming that their statements cost him over $1 million in potential business. Shannon won, as Jim’s case was dismissed.

Now divorced, Alexis has moved on with John, who seems to have an affinity for the Real Housewives. These two made their romance public in December, and they are now moving fast towards some unknown love-bubbled future of their own design. Case in point, John bought Alexis a promise ring for the holidays, because he’s apparently in middle school. Honestly, this ring doesn’t feel sweet, more so, it’s giving off dig vibes towards Shannon, and we’ll explain why now.

The Ring in Question

Alexis Bellino/Instagram

Clearly, Alexis knew that her ring post would result in many side-eyes, as she disabled the comments section online. Insert her written comment here, of “Words cannot. Actions do.” Alexis’ “words” and “actions” feel shady, but she doesn’t care because she “will no longer feel guilty,” as “Love will create it’s [sic] own story.”

Love? It’s been a month, two tops. Ya’ll two need to chill. Also, why do Alexis and her chosen men seem to love torturing Shannon?

Now hear us out, as we know Shannon isn’t always innocent, especially as of late with her DUI. That said, she just ended her own years-long relationship with John. It’s also her first Christmas sans the man she thought she was going to marry. Therefore, this post felt targeted.

If you’re still on the fence in coming over to our side of thinking here, check out the tags in Alexis’ post. One of them is @vancleefarpels, which links to the jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels. Now go binge all of Shannon’s seasons on RHOC, and in doing so, check out her preferred jewels worn for her confessional looks, and for her nicer nights out. Yeah….Shannon typically chooses to wear Van Cleef & Arpels.

John’s gifted ring to Alexis definitely feels like a dig, because he knows exactly what Shannon likes, and yet, he chose this same brand for his new leading lady.

More on The Van Cleef & Arpels of It All


But wait. There’s more, as always. Before dating John, Shannon was married to David Beador, the father of her three children. David has a sister named Vicki, who just so happens to have worked at Van Cleef & Arpels in a director’s role from 2018 to 2020.

This brand is Shannon’s chosen. David knew this. John knew this. We know this.

Now we also know that David has ties to this brand. This is causing us to question whether or not David and John ever had discussions together over this designer, not only while John was dating Shannon, but also now, as John is gifting his new woman this same very specific brand. Also, is David’s new wife, Lesley Beador involved? She liked Alexis’ post.

We love the Bravo bloggers and fans, who are all detectives in their own rights.

While Shannon has moved forward with David in order to co-parent their shared children, Lesley and Shannon are clearly a lot less supportive of each other. Shannon is the mother of Lesley’s step-children, so bare minimum, Lesley should refrain from publicly supporting anyone who might have any intent to cause Shannon harm. Yet, here she also is, equally throwing digs at Shannon via Alexis’ promise ring post.

John Might Not Have Even Purchased This Ring


Online speculation is now growing about whether or not Alexis’ ring was even a gift that John paid for. Let’s be honest. In all of John’s showings beside Shannon, he never paid for anything. Yet, this ring that he just gave to Alexis is valued at $16K.

Rumor has it that John didn’t even pay for Alexis’ ring. Instead, this might have all been one huge, shady, paid-for promotion, using Shannon’s favorite Jewelry designer as a fun little dig, for Alexis’ cherry on the top.