Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, Episode 14 Recap: Sutton Apologizes to Kyle for Not Being a Good Friend

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, Episode 14 recap
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Welcome back! Let’s get right into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, Episode 14 recap. Last week, Crystal suffered a medical emergency. This week’s episode, “Aches and Spains” continues the ladies’ adventure in Barcelona. While Sutton and Kyle mend their relationship, a drunken Erika goes off the rails. Here’s everything you need to know about RHOBH Season 13, Episode 14!

Crystal’s medical crisis

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Crystal was sweaty and her veins were raised. Annemarie jumped into action and reassured her. Remember, she is a medical professional! She put Crystal in the van to lie down. Poor Crystal was afraid of having a stroke, so Annemarie showcased her amazing bedside manner. She said that she didn’t want Crystal to “stroke out.”

The ambulance came, and Crystal’s blood pressure was sky-high. In her confessional, Annemarie reflected on how Crystal questioned her credentials. “The irony of what is happening right now it’s literally shocking,” she said.

Once upon a chapel

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, Episode 14
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The ladies went into the chapel and prayed for Crystal. “I already did this sh*t,” Erika said, as she was in the chapel earlier. Plus, once upon a time, she had her very own chapel. Some of the ladies lit candles for Crystal and Sutton lit one for her dad.

Erika was upset that no one had apologized to her about those damn earrings. “They hurt me the most because I care about them,” she said of her fellow housewives.

Meanwhile, Sutton and Kyle sat together in the church. Sutton revealed that her friend had a dream about her father, and he told Sutton that he was really tired.

“A psychic told me that Lorene [Shea] is telling you that she doesn’t understand what happened to her,” Kyle shared. Sutton told Kyle that they would never have all the answers as to why both Lorene and Sutton’s father took their own lives. And Sutton reminded Kyle that Lorene is at peace now.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been a better friend,” Sutton told Kyle. “You have been a good friend. It’s okay,” she replied.

“I hate fighting with Kyle,” Sutton said in her confessional. “So to have this moment and to start to really rebuild our friendship means everything to me.”

But Kyle was still salty about Sutton questioning her marriage to Mauricio. “I care about Sutton a lot. And I was very hurt by the question she was asking about my marriage,” Kyle said. “So I’m happy to accept her apology and move on because I’m much happier with our friendship being in a good place.”

Don’t question Annemarie’s credentials

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, Episode 14 recap
Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Crystal called the ladies, and the anti-nausea meds are doing the trick. She plans to meet them back at the house. The group met up with their tour guide, Manolo, for lunch. But Kyle was focused on finding Hermes. She is obsessed with shopping.

Once again, Annemarie talked about how Crystal’s fake doctor story hurt her. According to Erika, this will no longer be an issue after Annemarie helped Crystal. Well, at least the newbie isn’t focused on Sutton’s esophagus.

Garcelle and Dorit mend their friendship

Garcelle brought up Taco Tuesday and how she later called Dorit “a Karen.” Garcelle explained to Dorit that she feels that she has lived a sheltered life and that she doesn’t understand the struggles that Garcelle has faced. Dorit shared that as a child, her family lived in a town where they were the only Jewish family. Dorit and her brother were the victims of anti-Semitic hate speech as children. Finally, Garcelle and Dorit hugged it out.

Meanwhile, Sutton’s friend Trevor is coming for dinner. They were both part of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company at the same time. Sutton tried to round up the ladies to head back to the villa, but Kyle and Dorit escaped into a store. Dorit bought seven antique-painted fans. Poor Sutton manned a timer while Kyle grabbed stuff that didn’t even fit. She copped to a shopping addiction, and I believe it.

Welcome back, Crystal

Crystal’s elevated blood pressure caused her symptoms. She has a family history of it and has dealt with it in the past. Crystal was emotional and thanked her RHOBH cast members for being so supportive. In her confessional, Crystal mentioned how much she appreciated Annemarie caring for her.

However, Crystal would like to move forward in a friendship with Annemarie. The thought of Annemarie and Crystal trying to be friends is giving me a migraine.

A dinner that Erika won’t remember

Erika wasn’t thrilled about meeting Sutton’s friends. She wasn’t in the mood to deal with Sutton’s sophisticated buddies. And the reason for that? Erika was already sauced.

“Shouldn’t have talked sh*t about me in those earrings. Reversal of fortune, honey. I told them,” Erika said to her glam team. Can we please climb off this dead horse? No one is going to kiss Erika’s ring, (or should I say earrings) and apologize.

Garcelle is interested in more than the paella

Chef Storm is back with his father for the paella-making class. Garcelle was hot for Storm’s dad, as was Sutton. So much for Storm!

While Trevor and Sutton reminisced about their time at the dance company, Erika interrupted Trevor. “Look, can I say something? I know you love Merce, but Merce was in a Ziploc bag.” The table sat in stunned silence. Erika better watch out, she is going to be haunted tonight! Then, Sutton tossed Kyle under the bus by telling the class that Kyle’s mother’s ashes were in a bathroom.

And, as her party trick, a drunken Erika shocked her fellow housewives with her knowledge about Beirut, architecture, and more. As Dorit noted, “It’s like watching drunk Rain Man.”

Sutton is grieving

Sutton delivered a lei of flowers to Kyle. The ladies will place the flowers into the ocean and let go of something that they need to release. Finally, Sutton will release Merce into the sea.

While Sutton was getting dressed, she broke down in tears. Kyle comforted Sutton, who didn’t want to open Merce’s ashes. When Sutton’s father passed away, the family spread his ashes in Texas. But each family member was given a small bag of ashes. She lost them during a move, and she is grieving.

She also felt like she was letting go of the ashes of her marriage to Christian Stracke.

Kyle responded, “I get that.” Well, isn’t that a telling remark? I hope that Kyle comes clean with more details about her marriage.

Near the end of her marriage to Christian, Sutton felt that they should separate and attend couples therapy. He filed as soon as he moved out. Now, Sutton has to let go and move forward on her own.  

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please call 988.

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