Signs That James Kennedy and Ally Lewber’s Relationship Will Last

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Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy popped the question to Rachel Leviss with an over-the-top Coachella-themed proposal. Oh, and his buddy, Tom Sandoval, helped fund the extravaganza. But we all know how that turned out. Rachel dumped James, and she eventually started an affair with Sandoval behind his girlfriend Ariana Madix’s back.

But the DJ wasn’t in the dating game for long before he met someone special. James started dating Ally Lewber just three months after his engagement to Rachel ended. Of course, some people felt that James was moving too fast. But so far, this couple seems happy together. Let’s take a look at all the signs that James and Ally’s relationship will last.

Ally and James Support Each Other

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Ally supports James’ career as a DJ, and she often travels with him to his shows. In return, James is proud of Ally’s astrology business. I’m sure that Ally has analyzed their charts for compatibility. “She’s doing amazing things [and] connecting with so many people around the world,” James told The Daily Dish in June 2023. “So that’s gonna evolve into something amazing.” A successful relationship calls for both partners to cheer each other on. James and Ally are certainly doing that.

In the Season 11 VPR premiere, James revealed that he is living a California-sober life. So, no alcohol, but he does smoke weed. Ally told James during Season 10 that she didn’t like who he was while drinking and encouraged him to seek therapy.

This time, James insisted that he made the decision himself, not as the result of an ultimatum. Of course, Rachel famously demanded that James give up drinking, or they would split.

The Couple Is Playing House

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After living in apartments in Los Angeles for years, James bought his first house. The three-bedroom home is located in Burbank. Ally and James have been working on sprucing up the place together, and James is especially excited about his garden.

A domesticated James? After years of bad behavior on Pump Rules, I didn’t have James settling in the suburbs on my bingo card.

They Share the Same Interests

Station Little/YouTube

While the couple supports each other’s careers, they also have plenty in common. And they are full of surprises! US Weekly reported that the duo worked together on a single for children. “It’s been an incredible experience collabing with Station Little on this,” James said of the single, titled “I Believe in You.” “Ally and I have been working on a lot of music this year, and this is just a great way to add to the collection that we’re going to be releasing soon,” he added.

Having some of the same interests is essential to a relationship. The fact that they both have unique jobs, but love to make music together, is sweet.

Ally and James Both Love Animals

James Kennedy /Instagram

When Ally moved in with James, she brought her cat, Mr. Banks. And James was finally reunited with Graham Cracker, a dog that he co-parented with Rachel during their relationship.

In April 2023, when Rachel entered a mental health facility, she gave Graham to a rescue group, California Doodle Rescue, because of his behavioral issues. She stated that she never wanted Graham returned to James because he allegedly “was not a good dog owner.”

Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump, who runs Vanderpump Dogs, was contacted about Graham. According to Entertainment Tonight, Lisa adopted Graham and returned him to James. The DJ explained that the pup was facing euthanasia.

“When you abandon your dog, you don’t get a say anymore. He’s happy, that’s all that matters,” Ally stated. James renamed his beloved pup Hippie, and the dog settled into his new life. The fact that both James and Ally are animal lovers is just another bond that they share.

James Wants To Marry Ally

James Kennedy / Instagram

During Season 10 of VPR, when Ally made her debut, she seemed interested in a relationship with James. Kind of. It was obvious that James was way more into Ally than she was into him. Now, thankfully, Ally seems to truly be in love with James.

Still, James insisted that Ally was “the love of his life” after only dating for a few months. The couple has been together since 2022, so it wasn’t a surprise that they have discussed marriage. But neither one is in a hurry to walk down the marital aisle.

“We’re always talking about fun fantasies in the future, stuff like that. I want to do it up big and special for Ally and when we choose to do that,” James explained. “You know, I would marry her tonight! I’ll marry her tonight! But, like, what’s the rush? What’s the bloody rush?” he added. Just please, don’t let Sandoval plan this proposal.

Well, it certainly seems like the signs are pointing to Ally and James’ relationship lasting and being endgame. Who knows? Maybe Pump Rules viewers will see Ally and James walk down the aisle. If there is one thing that Lisa loves, it is a Vanderpump Rules wedding!