Everything to Know About NeNe and Denise’s Comeback

Denise Richards
Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Both Real Housewives stars have made an impact on their respective franchises. NeNe Leakes was an OG of the Real Housewives of Atlanta who never was at a loss for witty comebacks. Denise Richards thought joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would be an easy feat after surviving Hollywood for all those years. Still, she quickly learned everything, including her possible threesome, would be brought up. Now, the women are joining forces for a new on-screen appearance, and here is what we know about NeNe and Denise’s comeback. 

Is Hunting Housewives A Reality Show?


Lifetime has wised up and realized if they incorporate Real Housewives, they’ll get more viewers. According to People, Hunting Housewives will air on March 9, and I can guarantee a bunch of the Bravosphere will be tuning in. NeNe and Denise are joining up with actors Kym Johnson-Herjavec and Melyssa Ford in the channel’s newest movie. Even though it sounds like a good premise for a reality TV show, it is, in fact, fictional. 

The drama will recount “the story of four housewives who find themselves stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash. They must use their wits and determination if they ever hope to make it back home to their families.”

I’m getting a Yellowjackets vibe, but I hope these women won’t end up turning to cannibalism and witchcraft. If anyone is going to survive a rugged terrain, it is the housewives. The two stars have been preparing for this role for years as they swerved gossip and ducked from punches. 

Both Denise and NeNe Have Acting Chops

Denise Richards/Instagram

This isn’t the ladies’ first rodeo when it comes to acting, with both having graced the big and small screens before. Denise is known for her Bond girl days which helped to make her a sex icon. The Wild Things star has been acting and modeling since the age of 15, when she first moved to Los Angeles. Denise became a household name by 1999 and hasn’t looked back since. A new generation was introduced to her on Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, which showed her life post-divorce. 

NeNe may have gotten her start dancing in a club as Linnethia, but she has catapulted her career thanks to her presence on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe got her acting break in Glee, where her character, Roz Washington, made quite the impression with FOX viewers. The mother of two also starred in The New Normal, a comedy series on ABC which showed off her comedic timing. And lest we forget, she was cashing in Trump checks after Celebrity Apprentice. 

We Need Them Both Back on Bravo

NeNe Leakes/Instagram

Denise did pop back up during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, and boy, did she make an impression. She not only embraced the upside-down fur jacket, which Dorit Kemsley was kind enough to point out, but she came in hot, demanding an apology from Erika Jayne. I didn’t realize just how much I needed Denise’s energy. The drunk goggles she was looking through also seemed better than any normal rose-colored ones! Season 13 of RHOBH has been a bit boring, and so far, my favorite episodes have had Denise appearing in them, giving off “just be cool” vibes.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, meanwhile, is rumored to be getting a cast shake-up. I genuinely believed that NeNe and Bravo’s love affair would last forever, but sometimes, good things have to come to an end. Fans have wondered for months if Bravo is thinking of asking some of the heavy hitters back, which would include NeNe. I literally have every finger crossed for this to happen. 

Fans have noted that the mother of two has started to follow Bravo accounts again, so that could be a good sign. Big wigs like Kandi Burruss and Andy Cohen even noted they would be happy to work with the queen again. Even though NeNe once asked for the King of Bravo to keep her name out of his mouth, fans truly want to hear him say the queen has returned.