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Brittany Cartwright Reacts to Stassi Schroeder Rejecting The Valley

Brittany Cartwright and Stassi Schroeder have definitely had an interesting relationship since Britt joined Vanderpump Rules. Thankfully Brittany had a flexible personality and didn’t seem to mind most of her new friend group had also slept with her boyfriend.

Over the years Brittany and Stassi got along quite well. Stassi was even a bridesmaid when Brittany finally got married to Jax Taylor. Stass and Britt enjoyed several years of memories together, including having their first kids around the same time. Things were great, until they weren’t, and now Mrs. Cauchi addresses Stassi telling The Valley, “immediately no.” Heavy has the details.

Not a “current reflection” of Stassi’s reality

So Britt, Jax, Kristen Doute, and some new people no one really cares about yet will be appearing on a Pump Rules spinoff called The Valley. Since some of the previously fired people are coming back, fans were wondering if Stassi would show up as well. She was featured on an episode of Jeff Lewis’ show, Jeff Lewis Live, and pretty much said Bravo offered it to her but she declined.

Then Stassi added none of the cast were “her crew” and didn’t associate with any of them. According to Brittany, she’s cool with it. But is she really? “I think it’s fine,” she began. Mrs. C also doesn’t think Stassi has a clear vision of what her life is like. Also, Stassi probably doesn’t care, but here we are.

“She doesn’t really know what our life is like. And I don’t really know what her life is like right now. So that was the only part where I was kind of like, ‘She doesn’t know what I do all the time.’ I’m like I am literally a mom 24/7. But I think that was the only part where I was kind of like, ‘Hmmm,’” Brittany continued. If you’re counting along at home, “like” was used five times in that paragraph.

Despite growing apart, Brittany is thrilled about her old friend’s accomplishments, including her book and successful podcast. She also understands not wanting to venture back into reality television.

“It is a lot of pressure. It is different whenever you’re a parent. That’s the whole reason I was worried — I’m thinking about Cruz so much. But so I understand. I’m not mad. I’m not bitter about anything. I want nothing but the best for her. And who knows if this is a huge success maybe down the line, we could talk them into it,” she concluded. Keep that hope alive, Brittany!

Bravo has not released an official air date for The Valley, but it’s due to premiere Spring 2024.