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Ciara Miller, Paige DeSorbo Demand Kyle Cooke Pull His ‘Head out of His Ass’

Is everyone ready for Summer House Season 8 to begin this week? Have you been yearning for updates on Kyle Cooke’s unfortunate mullet that he wears so unironically? Well, you’re in luck because summer is about to be fun again this Thursday.

But is it going to be fun? The big break-up between Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard will play out. That won’t be fun. And according to Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller, Kyle might need to tone down the fun and pay attention to his wife. Page Six has the details.

Kyle was “in tears”

It looks like being single or at least in a long-distance relationship is the way to go on Summer House. This show has been on for a long time now and for the majority of it, Kyle and Amanda Batula have been a couple. Kyle has cheated, several times, he also continues to act like a 15 year-old-boy at a house party, but for whatever reason, Amanda stays with him.

Her longtime friends and co-stars, Paige and Ciara are basically sick of watching Kyle act like a tool and had a come-to-Jesus talk with him about his relationship. Kyle cried and said they left him “in tears,” but he’s a bit fragile so it’s fine.

Paige and Ciara confirmed they “didn’t say anything mean” — “he’s just sensitive.” But let’s be clear, someone had to talk to Kyle at some point, right? He has never been the poster child for monogamy or being an adult.

“We were also being insanely honest and just trying to get him to pull his head out of his ass and look at the situation from an objective standpoint –– like, this is your wife,” Ciara said. She added, “That was not the only time he cried this summer.” Not surprising as I think Summer House fans have seen him weep when blackout drunk and not able to find his favorite cookie.

Are Kyle’s priorities in check?

That said, Kyle is in charge of a company and that’s no joke. He’s also allowed reality television to become his identity. “You need to take a minute and like, you’re married now. You are responsible for another person now, and like, this is your wife. Put Loverboy down for a minute. Put your own goals and your own dreams down for just a second and look at each other. Look at the situation collectively,” Ciara shared.

“They don’t give themselves enough credit. They actually are a great couple. They’re very hard on themselves. But yes, to work together, to live together, to be married, like it’s a lot of every day with each other. I had to go out of state. I could have never,” Paige said.

Get ready for summer to be moderately tense! Season 8 of Summer House premieres Thursday, Feb. 22 at 9 PM/ET on Bravo.