Everything Schwartz Needs To Apologize For Regarding Scandoval

(Photo by: Scott Gries/Bravo via Getty Images)

It’s been an entire year since the Scandoval storyline unfolded on Vanderpump Rules. That’s a long time. Yet here we are, still angry at Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss for their affair. We’re also still side-eyeing Tom Schwartz, as he helped to cover up their little love lust story.

It’s easy to see red with Sandoval. His ongoing deflections, paired with his bringing up of matters from ten years ago, prove that he’s a never-wrong. His mental health digs have been gross too, especially when he recently claimed on-air to be struggling in this very same arena. Basically, many people are not really here for his deflection tour anymore, so Sandoval’s full redemption isn’t likely.

Not shockingly, Schwartz is also still out there, playing his same often seen game on Bravo. You know, the one where he rages at any woman who calls out his poor behaviors, instead of taking a beat to understand why they might be so upset. In fact, his statements made on VPR Season 11 prove that he’s still looking to escape the chair of responsibility, when what he ought to be doing is firmly planting his aww-shucks little ass firmly in this seat, taking full ownership of his role(s) played. If Schwartz would just sit and listen, and stop instinctively popping off at the ladies, we might actually forgive him.

For anyone to fully forgive Schwartz though, he first needs to fully apologize for his Scandoval roles played. Why, you may ask? Well, for all of these reasons that follow.

Schwartz Was Actively Harmful to Ariana

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If there’s one fact to be said about Bravo fans, it’s that they have the time. When the affair broke, viewers took to the streets web, looking for clues. Basically, everyone needed to know when this affair began, and also, if Schwartz knew about what was going on behind Ariana Madix‘s back. As Ariana was a groomsman in Schwartz’s wedding to his ex, Katie Maloney, their closeness should have seen Schwartz protecting her, just a little bit, at the very least.

Yet, Schwartz is blindly loyal to Sandoval. He could have easily said nope, not participating. Instead, he chose to aid his buddy, and in doing so, he actively harmed Ariana. Let’s do a quick recap on how he assisted.

On camera, Schwartz joked about Rachel going after taken men. He did this in front of Ariana. Also, Schwartz went along with a fake storyline, where he and Rachel pretended to like each other. Schwartz played along, so that no one would suspect Rachel was secretly dating banging his bruh.

Come to find out, Schwartz also granted the pair access to his bachelor pad, so that they could continue on with their affair without Ariana finding out. Let’s also not forget how the viewers found images online, which showed both of the Toms on a double date, mere hours before they filmed for VPR Season 10. This means that Schwartz went from a bar, where Sandoval was with Rachel, to an event at SUR, where Ariana’s sandwich shop was hosting a tasting.

Instead of humbly letting Ariana be mad for a beat, Schwartz is attacking her in Season 11, saying her ego’s too big. I’ll scream it again. Schwartz chose to actively harm Ariana. On this, he needs to shut up, for awhile, and apologize.

One Word: Mexico


A big part of VPR’s Season 10 storyline revolved around Scheana Shay‘s destination wedding to Brock Davies. Once the cast was in Mexico, we watched Schwartz kiss Rachel in the already mentioned fake crush storyline. But then, Schwartz helped Sandoval take things so much farther. You see, Ariana was starting to grow suspicious of her man’s weird behaviors, as Sandoval kept repeating Rachel’s name in her presence.

Very quickly, Sandoval used Schwartz to get himself out of trouble. He announced that Schwartz had just made out with Rachel, so clearly, he, Sandoval, was not the one who was obsessed with this girl. Then, in front of Ariana, he joked with Rachel, saying “Here’s Schwartz’s room key.” This means that Schwartz had given Sandoval a key to his room, so that his buddy could hook-up with Rachel without the camera’s, or the cast, present.

After the wedding ceremony, Schwartz told Rachel “It was nice making out with you.” In response, Rachel asked, “You don’t regret it, do you?” Schwartz reassured her, saying “No, I don’t.” For all of the little roles that Schwartz played in Mexico, he now owes several apologies.

First, Schwartz needs to add this to his apology list with Ariana. Then, he needs to apologize to James Kennedy, as Rachel was James’ ex, and Schwartz’s interactions with James in Mexico sucked. Finally, Schwartz needs to deeply, truly, humbly apologize to Katie, as her number one rule post divorce was to not date anyone in this group. Therefore, his fake Scandoval-supporting relationship was beyond callus on Schwartz’s part.

Schwartz Was a Part of the “Plan”


Throughout Season 10, Schwartz helped his toxic buddy Sandoval lay the groundwork for his eventual break-up with Ariana. In order for Sandoval to cleanly escape, he needed to paint Ariana out as a bad partner. On this, Schwartz assisted.

Let’s use the scene with the food truck. With the cameras rolling, Schwartz asked Sandoval how he and Ariana were doing. At this point, he knew full well that Sandoval was cheating. Sandoval then started bashing Ariana, with Schwartz’s help.

“She’s quick to be dismissive of you,” he said in agreement to Sandoval’s bs. When Sandoval carried on about how great he treats Ariana, Schwartz asked “does she reciprocate?” Sandoval said no, while Schwartz nodded. He can now chalk up one more apology to Ariana, since Schwartz was a part of the plan to help cast her in a very public, negative light.