Why Kim Zolciak Returning to RHOA Would Be a Disaster

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Kim Zolciak is a polarizing cast member, and many Real Housewives fans who weren’t upset to see her go. The mother of six was a hot mess during her seasons on Real Housewives of Atlanta, and that was way before she started going through a messy separation. Between drinking her boxed wine out of a red solo cup and kicking her own mother out of her wedding, Kim might not have the mental stamina or bandwidth to take on women of the ALT, especially if she wants to keep her wig securely attached to her head.

Unfortunately, a new rumor has recently popped up that Kim has signed on to return to RHOA. The rumor seems pretty sus, since there is actually no concrete information on the subject. However, on the off chance that the rumor is true, here’s why we don’t want to see Kim return.

Family Trouble

Kim Zolciak/Instagram

To be perfectly honest, I have lost count of all the issues going on between Kim and Kroy Biermann because it’s a lot—and that is coming from a reality TV lover! Kim and Kroy’s fall from grace just hasn’t been fun to watch. Not only has she called the cops, but Kim has also been forced to give up her private chef. If she were to return to RHOA, a lot of the camera time would be spent cooking boxed mac and cheese for her family. Who is this Kim? 

If Kim came back, she would probably claim that her divorce is all about trusting the process. However, news reports would continue to swirl of both Kim and Kroy calling the police on one another. The bitterness and sadness would be too much. It would take away from the light-hearted vibe that once made the Real Housewives so enjoyable to watch. So, while Kim is ready to let go of things that no longer serve her in 2024, I think fans also need to do the same when it comes to hoping she makes a return to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

Kim Got Boring

Kim Zolciak/Instagram

As an OG, Kim was pretty great and a lot of the drama was centered around her. But after a few pop-up appearances, she began to lose her luster. It could have been because she had her own show, Don’t Be Tardy. But for whatever reason, her once fiery spirit wasn’t really being caught by cameras. I get that fans miss the early days, but again, I think adding Kim would just be chasing a pipe dream. Sadly, Kim no longer fits in with the group of women.

Kim is no longer the 2009 mistress of Big Papa, which made her a household name. Fans tuned in because they loved to see her being spoiled with a condo, cars, and purses, all because she was screwing a married man. Thank god she didn’t keep her legs closed to married men like NeNe Leakes advised, or we would have had a seriously slow start to the franchise. Kim has gone fully off the deep end and is no longer fun to watch. She’s too much of a serious trainwreck for Bravo to reinvest in her. 

Kim’s Got Issues

Kim Zolciak/Instagram

There is also a big chance that a Bravo paycheck would only fuel her alleged gambling and spending issues. These struggles have already been documented in her divorce paperwork and could result in Kim losing custody of her children. Her children have also been through enough trauma for a lifetime. There’s really no need to put them back on TV like dancing clowns.  

Kim no longer has the capacity to be honest after everything that she’s been through the past few years. So, having her back on RHOA, but allowing her to continue the facade, would defeat the purpose of her return. If Kim were willing to be open and honest about her current lifestyle issues, that would be interesting. But I can only assume we would get a lot of Kim and her two older daughters ordering Chick-fil-A as they go for more Botox. Not to mention, it is also hard to be a housewife without a house.

I think the only way Kim gets back into the Bravo mix is if the network hosts a girl’s trip like they did with the Real Housewives of New York OGs. Now that I’d be interested in seeing.