A Look Into Lala Kent’s Second Pregnancy

Photo by Rich Polk/Bravo via Getty Images

Lala Kent is pregnant with her second child. This baby will have an older sister, Ocean Kent, who Lala shares with her ex, Randall Emmett. Unfortunately, Lala and Randall’s break-up, alongside Randall’s proceeding legal battles, saw some pretty dark allegations unearthed. Therefore, we haven’t seen their post break-up story playing out on Vanderpump Rules.

Not that we’d want to, because Randall wasn’t exactly our favorite VPR male, but then again, none of these really are, amiright? After dealing with Randall, Lala’s now rising above his neckless ashes, expanding her family on her own terms. We feel like cheering for Lauren from Utah on this one, as she’s right; one bad partner can ruin everything. Therefore, if you have the chance to do things in your own way, answering only to yourself, it’s worth considering.

Over on her Give Them Lala podcast, Lala opened up about her pregnancy, and honestly, it’s inspiring. It stands to reason that many will be able to resonate with her current path forward. Just in case you missed it, these were the main details given on Lala’s second pregnancy.

But First, the Sweetest Announcement

Lala Kent/Instagram

Online, Lala shared the most precious image, which became her official pregnancy announcement. In her post, Ocean’s smiling adorably up at her mom, as the camera is zoomed in on Lala’s baby bump for the greatest effect. For her captain, she quipped “I’m expanding my pod.” This announcement was a great soft launch for Lala’s proceeding podcast, which she released on the same day.

Lala’s Journey To Conception

Lala Kent/Instagram

After a rough custody battle with Randall, Lala chose to avoid the partner aspect, opting instead for an IUI. For those not aware, this stands for Intrauterine insemination. As noted on the Mayo Clinic website, this procedure places “specially prepared sperm directly in the uterus, the organ in which a baby develops.”

Due to using a donor’s sperm, Lala chose to see a fertility specialist, not her OB. This is because, in Lala’s own words, “It’s not like unlimited cum, boom, boom, like if you have a man. So I went to a fertility specialist.” She also revealed that this procedure takes “between five and seven times,” as “everything’s just gotta be right on point.”

Luckily, this procedure took on the first attempt. As for the donor aspect, Lala used the California Cryobank, who is “absolutely fantastic.” This organization’s worked with her fertility specialist before, though Lala’s situation is a bit unique, since “only 10% of women” seek out a donor “because they want to do parenthood on their own.” On her journey to conception, Lala admits “this has been the craziest 14 weeks ever.”

How Lala Selected Her Donor

Lala Kent/Instagram

No, 50 Cent is not the daddy, despite Lala’s hysterical post. When it came to selecting her actual donor though, what grabbed Lala’s attention first was that this guy “mentioned lions”. Then, Lala felt a sign, as “The song that he chose as his favorite, and the poem, both had to do with the ocean.” While he did not include an adult picture, just a childhood image, Lala didn’t mind, because “That makes it much too personal.”

However, she did want her second child to somewhat resemble her, as she explained “I would prefer that this baby kind of have the same aesthetic look as like me, my mom, Ocean. So when they come into this world, it’s not only like, you don’t have a dad because I got you from a donor, and you also look nothing like us. I just want to eliminate any sort of like, toughness for them. Because the world is already tough…so I don’t want to make it any tougher for them.”

After that, Lala stressed that intelligence wasn’t really her top ask. She “didn’t need them to be extremely smart, because I’m not. And I would hope that if I was like donating eggs, they wouldn’t be like, she didn’t go to college, what a dumb ass.” Also, should her child grow up and want to know more, Lala revealed that “when the child turns 18, if they do have questions and they want to go and find their dad, they can, as the California Cryobank will give them access.”

The People Lala Told First

Straight Up With Stassi/Instagram

As soon as Lala’s test was positive, she immediately told her brother, Easton Burningham. Then, she texted her executive assistant, Jessica Walter. After that, her third tell shocked us, but in a great way. You see, Lala reached out to her former Bravo costar, Stassi Schroeder.

These ladies are tight now, as Lala explained “we’re very in sync in a lot of different ways…So there’s just so much that we have in common where we can talk to each other and it just feels like I get what I need from that friendship. And I feel like we’ve become extremely close.” Finally, Lala told Ocean, who cutely responded in a very age-appropriate way, saying “let me see, let me see,” with a side of “I don’t have a baby in my belly.”

How Far Along Is Lala?

Lala Kent/Instagram

Lala discovered her pregnancy on December 22, 2023. This means she’s now in her second trimester, and that in the near future, Ocean will be granted her wish, a sibling. On getting past the often scary first phase though, Lala admitted “it’s so weird the first trimester, because it’s kind of touch and go, and you don’t know what’s gonna happen, and you just wanna make sure that that part, you kind of complete, which we’ve completed. First trimester is over.”

The likely due date for Lala’s second born is anywhere between August – September, 2024. If Vanderpump Rules Season 11 can gain traction, we might just get another season, featuring Lala’s second child.