Most Shocking Moments from the New Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Trailer

(Photo by: Casey Durkin/Bravo via Getty Images)

Vanderpump Rules returns! The highly-anticipated new season will premiere on Bravo on Tuesday, January 30, which means VPR fans won’t have to wait much longer to see all the drama unfold. Bravo released a new, extended teaser trailer on Monday and it was explosive. There is a lot to unpack, so let’s dive in together. Here are the most shocking moments from the VPR Season 11 trailer.

Scheana & Schwartz Made Out in Vegas


Scheana Shay and Tom Schwartz always seemed completely platonic. After all, she spent most of Season 10 trying to hook him up with her former BFF, Rachel Leviss. However, Schwartz revealed in the trailer that he and the Good As Gold singer weren’t always as buddy buddy as they seemed.

Basically, Schwartz was talking about his past indiscretions when he shared that he and Scheana made out in Vegas one time before adding, “No one even knows that.” Woah, woah, woah. We’re going to need so much more information. Mainly, when did this happen? And how did it never get leaked?

Ariana’s Beau Makes His Bravo Debut

(Ariana Madix/Instagram)

It looks like Ariana Madix‘s boyfriend, Daniel Wai, will be joining the VPR crew this season. Daniel was featured in the teaser trailer, so fans can expect to learn more about Ari’s new man on Season 11. Ariana was first spotted with Daniel in April 2023 at the Coachella Valley Music Festival. Since then, the two have been dating long-distance. Daniel is currently based in New York City.

Schwartz & Katie Are in a Love Triangle

(Tom Schwartz/Instagram)

Katie Maloney and Schwartz experimented with boundaries in Season 10, but it looks like those boundaries are about to get pretty blurry in Season 11. Remember when Katie didn’t want Schwartz to date someone in the friend group? Well, now they appear to be dating the same person.

In the teaser trailer, Schwartz and Katie were both seen kissing singer-songwriter Tori Keeth. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BOUNDARIES? Tori revealed she has “a crush on a divorced couple,” while Schwartz and Katie seem to be in a competition for the singer’s heart.

If Schwartz dating someone in the friend group was too close for comfort, we have to imagine Katie isn’t thrilled about sharing a woman with her ex-man. Right?

Lala Is Looking for a Sperm Donor

(Lala Kent/Instagram)

Lala Kent is on a mission…to find a sperm donor. The 33-year-old has been open about wanting more kids, and she is not waiting around for a man to step up. In the teaser trailer, the beauty entrepreneur told Lisa Vanderpump she is looking for a donor.

Honestly, we’re so here for it. Lala has been through hell and back when it comes to her custody battle with her ex, Randall Emmett, and we can totally understand why she would want to avoid that situation in the future. The Bravo star seems like an incredible mom to baby Ocean, and we’re happy to see her focused on expanding her family. Yay Lala!

Jax Returns

(Jax Taylor/Instagram)

Jax Taylor is back! The bad boy of VPR left the show after Season 8 and it just hasn’t been the same without him. Jax basically held a press tour after Sandoval was busted for cheating with Rachel in March 2023, so we weren’t too surprised to see his face in the Season 11 teaser trailer. We know he has a lot of opinions on the matter.

While we only saw Jax interact with Lisa in the trailer, we’re hopeful that we’ll see at least one scene with Jax and Sandoval.

Sandoval Is Not Over Rachel


Rachel may have moved on from Sandoval, but that doesn’t mean he’s left the beauty queen in the past. In the teaser trailer, Schwartz shared that he thinks Sandoval is still in love with Rachel. Sandoval appears to still be reeling from his breakup with his former co-star and has been open about the wounds the split left on his heart.

He recently appeared on Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp‘s podcast, Two Ts in a Pod, where he spoke about the sacrifices he made to try and keep him and Rachel together.

“I fought so hard for Rachel,” he told Tamra and Teddi. “I stopped drinking. I stopped smoking cigarettes because she went away to a facility. I’m like, ‘She can’t drink. She can’t smoke. I’m [going] to quit…I stopped for her.”

The 40-year-old added that he misses Rachel, calling their falling out “heartbreaking.”