The Inspiring Ways Lala Kent Turned Her Life Around

(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Lala Kent has worn many faces since her first showing on Vanderpump Rules. At first, Lala’s behaviors were problematic. From hypocritical accusations directed at her co-stars to rumors of being a mistress, all the way down to body-shaming other women, her storylines were messy. When her father unexpectedly died in 2018, Lala spiraled even further, turning deeper to the bottle to help numb her pain.

Pretty shortly after, Lala realized that she needed a change. Listen, I know that Lala has been polarizing. She has said and done things that I am sure she wishes she could take back, but who alive hasn’t? In our current culture of canceling others, perhaps it’s time that we take a step back, placing credit over criticism.

Case in point, Lala has managed to turn several areas of her life towards the positive. Here are a few inspiring examples, which all help to highlight that it’s never too late to do a good thing.

Lala Showed Remorse After Going in on Rachel

Bravo Babe/Twitter

The Scandoval storyline rocked the VPR cast during Season 11. Unnecessary recap time; Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss were busted for having an affair behind Ariana Madix‘s back. It went on for months, causing a huge divide amongst the cast. Yes, most of these cast members have also cheated, but Tom and Ariana were together for 9 years, and Rachel was supposed to be Ariana’s close friend, so, that.

Lala rode hard for Ariana. She read Rachel (and Tom) for filth, they all did really, making the Season 11 reunion a pretty uncomfortable watch. Afterward, Lala took time to process her reactions. When she realized that she had gone too far, she sat down and reached out to Rachel.

Rachel chose not to respond to Lala’s D’M. We can respect Rachel’s walls staying up for the protection of her mental health. We can also acknowledge that Lala’s reaching out to Rachel was a step in the right direction, realizing that she might not have had all of the facts before she popped off on her costar. Even though this was just a small correction made, which didn’t result in any changes, it’s still called growth, and it’s nice to see from Lala.

Lala’s Building Her Net Worth

Give Them Lala Beauty/Instagram

Realizing that reality television fame can only last so long, many of the stars on Bravo have branched out, setting up additional streams of income while their platforms are still popular. On this, Lala is no exception. Lala went from being a hostess at SUR in 2015 to launching her beauty brand in 2017. To date, Lala’s 2023 net worth is an estimated $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

She’s giving everybody Lala while lining her future pockets. This is smart, and we applaud Lala’s hustle and career growth.

Lala’s Been Sober For 5 Years

Lala Kent/Instagram

For those of you close to your parents, you can likely understand Lala’s pain over her father’s passing. For those of you hailing from traumatic households, you deserved better. As for Lala, she fell into the first category. This made the passing of her father beyond painful.

Ultimately, this led Lala to excessively drink, which ended in a “rock bottom moment.” It was at this moment that Lala woke up, choosing to regain her life from the darkness in which she had been living. This week, Lala celebrated her 5th sober birthday. This past September, Lala was even honored as this year’s Spirit of Sobriety Honoree at the Brent Shapiro Foundation’s 2022 Summer Spectacular Gala.

Cutting ties with any addiction is an everyday battle. This is why it’s inspiring, and beautiful, to watch Lala, as she has remained strong in her sobriety for all of these years.

Lala Has Shed Light on The Family Court System

Lala Kent/Instagram

Lala was previously engaged to Randall Emmett. Yes, she was dating Randall while he was still married to his first wife, Ambyr Childers. However, Lala later stated that Randall had lied, promising her that he and Ambyr were over. As Lala and Ambyr are now close, it’s probably time to stop throwing our swords and accept that we might not know all of the details that went down in these intertwined relationships.

As Lala and Randall share a daughter, Ocean, their ended engagement brought on a slew of court dates and custody conversations. It was through this that Lala realized just how broken the family court system is. To date, Lala has poured countless hours into sharing the horrific details of this failed system. Specifically, she has focused on the unfair practices of reunification therapy, which can be harmful to any child who has been a victim of an abusive or negligent parent.

For connecting human stories with her followers, we applaud Lala. She’s using her platform for good, and it’s been an awe-inspiring, eye-opening thing to watch.

Lala Advocated for the Humane Cosmetics Act in Congress

Lala Kent/Instagram

In another storyline of our girl Lauren from Utah showing growth, Lala is also using her name and her platform to help animals. Recently, Lala teamed up with The Humane Society of the United States, helping to urge members of Congress to pass the Humane Cosmetics Act. This legislation would end new cosmetics testing on animals in the United States, according to their press release. Naturally, her “Give Them Lala” Beauty brand is one of the 1,500 cruelty-free beauty brands currently available in North America.

From black-out nights to sobriety to cash-strapped wallets that have turned into a saved-up and thriving lifestyle, Lala’s journey has been an uphill climb. Yes, she’s slid backward a few times, but again, who hasn’t? Staying on the positive side of life, we see Lala going from screaming in other people’s faces, to standing up for what’s right, whether that’s in reaching out to a struggling cast mate or joining with her community to help those without a voice. Basically, Lala continues to surprise and inspire, and I for one am here for it.