All the Ways Erika Jayne Has Unreasonable Expectations

Erika Jayne
Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

I’m spent with talking about Erika Jayne for the last few seasons of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Mainly because who wants to to give so much time to a villain? I understand each franchise needs a star to despise. But Erika’s try at a redemption arc is doing even less for me than her angry “I’m a victim” storyline did. Between admitting that she doesn’t understand empathy through mock crocodile tears and meeting the victims of Tom Girardi’s scam, I just want this part of my RHOBH viewing life to move on. 

Erika Wants an Apology

Erika Jayne/Instagram

 Erika’s nickname of Pretty Mess is pretty well defined. Especially after watching her share that she expected an apology from the 90210 women after a few of her court hearings had her on the winning side. At one point Erika was crying (I swear she has done more crying this season than her entire time on the series), forcing an apology out of some of the ladies. Thank goodness my girl, Garcelle Beauvais, stayed strong and doubled down. 

In Erika’s opinion, an apology is long overdue as the crux of the argument was over her pair of $750,000 earrings that she refused to hand over, then handed over, then won back. Erika tells the cameras she is at peace with not being given an “I’m sorry.” Then proceeds to make a gathering all about the apology she desperately craves. It‘s unreasonable to demand any kind of sincere expression of regret. But as we can see she is demanding one. As long as you can sleep better at night, Erika, do you. 

She Wants a Sold Out Residency

Erika Jayne/Instagram

I’ll be the first to say I think Erika looks great for her age. But to want a popular Las Vegas residency off some of her club bops is a bit unrealistic. Not a lot of people know her music and her career feels a bit sketchy – almost made for TV. There have been many fans who have noted they go out often and have heard remixes of Kim Zolciak‘s Don’t Be Tardy and Countess Luann de Lesseps‘ music in clubs. No one recalls really hearing Erika’s. It feels unrealistic and a bit hypocritical how any broad can come around, get dolled up in some ridiculous outfit, take a posse with her to a circuit party, and suddenly claim she is a “gay icon.”

So when her residency, Bet It All On Blonde, didn’t exactly get the butt in the seats, I wasn’t surprised. Why would anyone pay for a ticket for a show that consists of original and cover songs that mostly have Erika rocking back and forth on stage in a skimpy outfit? 

Lent Didn’t Help Her

Erika Jayne/Instagram

Even Jesus Christ himself couldn’t help Erika to hide her true demeanor. When the blonde admitted she had given up fighting for Lent, I almost choked on my bubbles. Especially since Erika has built a platform on hating on the women for seasons. If the Lord said you need to give up causing drama for Lent, she has higher expectations of the divine than I thought. God, or whatever higher spirit you believe in, has bigger issues to worry about than Erika’s piddly-ass problems. Perhaps what he said was to give up the earrings for the victims, and she was out of range and didn’t hear it correctly.

The one thing I like about Erika’s position on RHOBH is that she is great at causing trouble. While she could have given up chocolate, alcohol, or shopping – all of which would have been more reasonable she chose to try to give up the one thing that she is known for. I can only imagine if she had stuck with the Lord, she would have eventually been driving through the snow near a cliff, crashed the Pope-mobile, and come to her with a broken ankle and head injury.