The Dumbest Real Housewives Moments

Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage via Getty Images

Thanks to reality TV, Bravo fans have witnessed first-hand accounts of some Real Housewives stars and their dumbest moments. You would think that the constant fear of being canceled would linger in the back of their brains. However, for some, the coo-coo within them takes over, and there is nothing anyone can do but watch the train wreck about to go down. 

Luann Puts Her Foot in It


Perhaps one of the dumbest moments came from Luann de Lesseps when she visited the Boys and Girls Club of Brooklyn to speak about her modeling days. The Countess noted that she was speaking with the “smart girls” when she asked them about their career aspirations. One shy girl revealed wanting to be a model, and Luann asked the child to stand up. Viewers saw a normal pre-teen, but Luann took the conversation further. After asking to see how tall she was, Luann shared that she “had plenty of time” to grow.

The interaction gets worse as Luann noted that the child had a “beautiful face.” She said, “And you know what, losing weight is easy. That’s the easy part.” Lu kept digging a hole as she told the young lady she had the basics. She ended the awkward interaction by saying, “When you have the basics to work with the other part is easy.” Yikes, Luann. Put a sock in it! 

Adrienne Learns To Cook


Adrienne Maloof’s goal was to shut Lisa Vanderpump up, but she instead gave Bravo viewers a bird’s eye view of her kitchen taboos. The Vegas hotel owner noted that the last time she cooked chicken, “It was frozen on both sides and raw in the middle.” Somebody get poison control on the phone for standby. LVP noted that cooking a chicken wasn’t “rocket science,” but Adrienne was unprepared for what was to come or her poor ranking as a chef.

Scampering around her kitchen showed that Adrienne had no idea where anything was, like a cutting board or knives. Adrienne proceeded to put on gloves because she had gotten semolina poisoning in the past, but it seemed to stuff a chicken was more than she could handle, noting “This is disgusting. Please, let’s stop!” Perhaps the worst part was when Adrienne used dish soap to clean the chicken, leaving Lisa appalled and worried about her children’s dinners.  

Joyce Can’t Swim


During her brief time as a Real Housewives star, Joyce Giraud revealed she was great at tanning but couldn’t swim. Without missing a beat, Brandi Glanville interjected, yelling, “You’re a Black person.” While everyone was wondering, “Did that just come out of her mouth?” Brandi doubled down, saying, “All my Black friends can’t swim. Is that bad?” The two women never saw eye to eye as Brandi tried to explain that “it was a joke, and my Black friends would have laughed crazy because they don’t go in the pool because they will get their weave fu*cked up.”

Joyce didn’t take the comment lying down, clapping back, “Yes, I’m Black. What’s your problem? Puerto Ricans are Black, they’re Indian, and they’re Spanish, so I am a mix of three cultures, and I am very proud to represent all three.” Honestly, Brandi should have known better. 

Playing Dumb Doesn’t Always Work, Porsha


I love me some Porsha Williams, who, bless her heart, was always trying to steer clear of anyone finding out she had started any drama. The ladies of Atlanta were on their cast trip surrounded by a lush island and about to enjoy a beautiful dinner. The women always love trying to rebuild their sisterhood, but a bit of drama never hurts.

Marlo Hampton piped up, asking Kandi Burruss if she was a lesbian. A Who’s On First segment proceeded with Porsha, Kandi, and Kenya Moore asking, “Who said that?” for a straight, uninterrupted minute. It turns out she and Phaedra Parks can keep one hell of a secret, as both talked about Kandi being a closeted lesbian.