The Classiest Real Housewives

Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images For NAACP

I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out who could be considered the classiest of the Real Housewives, and let me tell you, it’s slim pickings. I’m more used to remembering all the times a housewife acted out, not one who remembered which fork to use at a fancy dinner (hint: start from the outside and work in.) Classy people don’t call out people for their déclassé behavior, so Luann de Lesseps, you’re off the list. It turns out money can’t buy you class. 

Karen Huger

Karen Huger/Instagram

To start off the list, we have La Grand Dame of Potomac. Karen Huger not only celebrated her triple 20 in style but also showed that she is smart, cultured, and genuinely caring. Yes, she throws shade with the best of them, but I do believe she has a higher purpose when interacting with the women. Over the seasons, Karen’s heart has grown in size, and she has expanded her mind, opening herself to new ventures. Viewers also just saw her hosting a lunch for women who have been assaulted. I think all these things elevate her classiness. 

Carole Radziwill

Carole Radziwill/Instagram

Firstly, the woman is a damn princess and is the closest thing we have left to Camelot. Carole Radziwill married the prince and first cousin to JFK. Jr. For the most part, Carole was quite funny, and she was the most normal out of everyone in the Big Apple franchise. Even though she was quirky, she didn’t rub her breeding or money in her friend’s faces like the countess. Carole never yelled about her luxurious life, and it took a few seasons for her to admit she was even technically a princess. I admired Carole for putting her writing first and standing on her principles. 

 Heather Dubrow

Heather Dubrow/Instagram

Even though many viewers find Heather Dubrow to be condescending, I think she means well, as she genuinely thinks she knows what’s best for everyone in every situation. I once had the privilege of interviewing the Bravo star, and she was witty, accommodating, and authentic. She speaks with conviction and truth and loves to share her passion for her ventures. I mean, she is called Fancy Pants for a reason. Heather often comes across as the most rational and grounded person in the series who helps try to keep the peace. There is something to be said for the constant peacekeeper, even though they are often overlooked. 

Lisa Vanderpump 

Lisa Vanderpump/Instagram

I’m a sucker for an accent, but there is more to Lisa Vanderpump than an English drawl. She is classy and fun without being too judgmental, which is one of the classiest traits in my book. No matter what was thrown at her, Lisa always seemed to carry herself with grace, not giving too much thought to those who aimed to bring her down. The mother of two is charming and charismatic, and it doesn’t hurt that she has her own villa complete with ponies and swans- just like the King of England. 

Garcelle Beauvais 

Garcelle Beauvais/Instagram

The number one clasisest Real Housewives star has to be Garcelle Beauvais, hands down. When I think of the word class, the Coming to America actress checks all the boxes for me. The mother of two always looks polished, yet not over-the-top. Garcelle is mature, approachable, friendly, and seems to have really good manners. At least she knows when to have a serious conversation away from the group, unlike some others I could mention.

Class, to me, is making people feel welcome in your presence. Yes, she throws a bit of shade here and there, but in a funny way. Garcelle has a perfect balance between being sweet, rolling with the punches, and standing up for herself while maintaining her composure. Garcelle is also the most relatable, with one of my favorite moments being when she finally splurged on a used Birkin Bag. While I’ll never be offered one, I was happy for her and her success, as I assume she would be for me if we were friends.