Erika Jayne’s Best Meltdowns on RHOBH and Beyond

Erika Jayne
Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

At times, Erika Jayne’s over-the-top antics can seem beyond the realm of possibilities. Yet the Bet It All On Blonde star, always seems to embrace the crazy and run with it. Whether she is losing patience with her cast mates or just trying to save her own skin, Erika isn’t above having epic meltdowns to get out of trouble. Even though Erika has been vindicated in many of her legal fights, it is hard to forget just how crazy she acted when she felt she was being attacked. Between the screaming, threats, and tears, Erika has put us on a rollercoaster of emotions, which have been hard to recover from. 

Erika vs Eileen Davidson

Erika has never been a woman to hold back, especially at the expense of someone else’s feelings; case and point was when she verbally attacked Eileen Davidson while in Tokyo on the girl’s trip. Erika is a tough cookie, and her 0 to 100 mood swings are a big part of why fans love her, but sometimes she goes too far with the dramatics. However, it never looks fun to be on the receiving end of the Pretty Mess’ anger. Eileen learned the hard way when she pointed out that Erika shouldn’t be so angry with her fellow castmates because it “wasn’t like she killed your child.” 

Eileen was unaware that Erika’s son works as a police officer and is often put in life-or-death situations. Instead of explaining the issues calmly to her castmate, Erika wound herself up yelling that she lived every single day worried about her son. Things turned nasty for the soap opera actress when it looked like Erika was going for a Daytime Emmy of her own, telling her co-star, “Don’t ever bring up killing my child. Your kid doesn’t put on a uniform every night. Shut the f*ck up.” 

Tom check-in

During what could only be explained as a very odd Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, Erika told cameras that Tom Girardi’s mansion had been broken into. She claimed, “He confronted the burglar and then had to go have eye surgery. And then my son had to go over and help. And then my son, he rolled his car five times on the way home.” The entire story was exhausting and felt very far-fetched. So what the heck was going on? 

At the time of the episode, Erika noted, “I got a call at three in the morning, but I didn’t get it until six, from Pasadena Police Department that Tom’s home had broken into the home. He confronted the burglar, and then he had to go to the hospital and then have some sort of surgery. I don’t really even know what happened.” Now, Erika can at least hold a tune, but the talent of acting, well, really seemed to elude her here. The story gets even more bizarre when Erika adds that her son is “On his way home, it was snowing and he rolled his car.” 

Divorce Drama

While in Lake Tahoe on yet another girl’s trip, Erika became tired of constantly feeling like she had to defend herself regarding her divorce from Tom. Miss XXpen$ive was accused by the media and her co-stars of faking her separation, but during a confessional, Erika shared her thoughts, noting, “Divorce is very painful. And then to have it called a sham is even more painful. It took a lot of courage to leave. And it took two seconds for some a**hole to say it was a sham and for everyone to believe it.”

In a scene that no one was prepared for, Erika meets Kyle Richards and ends up crying over the stress of her so-called life. In a questionable one-tear scene that included runny mascara, Erika shared, “I could have never predicted this f-u*ng sh*t. Want to know who your friends are? Go broke. Want to know who your friends are? Go to jail. What to know who your friends are? Ask them to help you bury a body. I don’t know. You’ll find out who’s there for you.”

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