The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 Taglines, Ranked

Real Housewives of New Jersey
Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles/Bravo

Real Housewives of New Jersey is set to come back onto our small screens on May 5th. During Season 13, tensions came to an all-time high between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga. The Gorga/Giudice family feud exploded with the outcome showing Joe Gorga refusing to attend his sister’s August nuptials. The boys of Jersey banded together in their disdain for Luis Ruelas after the newcomer dared to suggest he had hired a private investigator to get dirt on the group. 

The waters were muddied as it felt like someone was going to have to be a sacrifice to the hungry sharks circling the group. Dolores Catania found love again while Jennifer Aydin still was Tre’s number one lap dog. Needless to say, the women are more distant than ever, and everyone is forced to pick a side for Season 14. The franchise can’t thrive when two of the biggest stars are refusing to film with one another. But maybe their newly released Real Housewives of New Jersey taglines will give us a hint as to what we can expect. 

1. Margaret

As a longtime Margaret Josephs fan, I am NOT at all surprised that her tagline came with a bite. The blonde in pigtails proudly stated, “While you’re taking cheap shots, I’m taking screenshots.” After seeing the trailer, I think we can all agree that this statement most likely has to do with Jackie Goldschneider’s flip-flopping. The sneak peek showed the journalist buddying up to Teresa after multiple seasons of mutual disdain. 

Margaret is known to be extremely loyal and stood up for Jackie during her big comparison faux pas when she insinuated Gia Giudice did drugs. Jackie has been doing everything in her power to stay relevant in the Garden State series, but we all know she shouldn’t have done it at the expense of Margaret’s friendship.  

2. Rachel

After a stellar freshman season, Rachel Fuda is back and taking no prisoners. In a clear move to assert herself after Season 13 showed many of the women disregarding her voice, Rachel shared, “If you don’t have my back, at least have a backbone.” As fans spotted in the trailer, Rachel and her husband, John Fuda, are not playing when it comes to protecting themselves against the evils of Tre and Luis. Okay, evils might be a strong word, but John isn’t too afraid to call out the OG, shouting, “You’re the poster child for mortgage fraud.”

Rachel will also have a hard season dealing with her issues with Jennifer Fessler as she mourns the loss of her close friendship. Needless to say, Rachel isn’t about to back down from a fight, and fans are here for it.

3. Melissa

Melissa is down at number three when it comes to her tagline, mainly because I am so tired of the family drama. I need a new storyline and her to figure out a more intriguing one. The mother of four states, “It’s hard not to burn bridges when you’re on fire.” This is an apparent dig at her sister-in-law. Their family dynamic is a hot mess; there is no argument here. Melissa is in flux as she is trying her best to juggle the constant drama. 

4. Dolores

I am such a Dolores fan. I only want the best for her as the muscle of Jersey. Dolo has a ton going on in her life right now as she tries to be a friend to all while figuring out her next step with Paul Connell. So it makes sense when she says, “I’m a girl from Paterson, playing Switzerland, and dating an Irishman.” Basically, my vote is to have Dolores as the RHONJ representative at NATO. 

5. Tre

The OG is low on my list. I don’t believe her tagline is the most original, as I feel like I’ve heard it once before in a previous season. According to Tre, “You can try to tear me down, but this tree just keeps on growing.” I’ll be interested in how she tries to spin her current living situation. The mother of four will be questioned about her new hubby and called out for past issues on Season 14. 

6. Danielle

The Long Island native already has fans on edge after it was revealed she and Jennifer got into a physically heated argument. The ladies have forgotten how to share their glam squads with a drink being thrown during a party. So Danielle Cabral has a lot of explaining to do. The mother of two’s tagline is “I’m bougie, unbothered, and above your drama,” and I am unimpressed. The blonde made sure to throw a nod at her clothing business, Boujie Kids, but I think she could have done better. 

7. Jennifer

Someone had to seal the nomination for last place, and this year, it is the queen of Paramus. Making a comparison to purses, Jen shares, “Friends are like handbags; the fake ones are all too easy to spot.” I wonder who she could be talking about. Jackie or Melissa would possibly be a guess. Either way, the ladies of Jersey are all ready to say their peace and deliver an epic season. 

Make sure to watch the premiere of Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 May 5 at 8 PM/ET on Bravo.