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Andy Cohen Calls Out Jax Taylor’s ‘Misogynistic’ Comment About Scheana Shay

Andy Cohen called out Jax Taylor during his Watch What Happens Live appearance for making a “misogynistic” comment about Scheana Shay

During the May 7 episode, a caller asked Jax what he thought about Scheana’s comments about Brittany Cartwright deserving “better” than what he could offer her in a marriage. (Jax and Brittany have been separated since February 2024.)

“Scheana is a great husband. She’s a great husband,” Jax said, confusing Andy and their guest, Tom Sandoval. “She has a great husband?” Andy asked. The former Vanderpump Rules star reiterated his comments, saying Scheana is a “great husband” before saying she’s “sticking up for her friend.” He continued, “That’s fair. They are friends. She doesn’t know. She’s talking behind closed doors [and] trying to protect her friend. It is honorable [and] what she should do.” 

Andy slams Jax for talking down on Scheana and her husband Brock Davies… 

Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

It’s not often that Jax says things that make sense, so, unsurprisingly, Andy and the viewers didn’t understand his comments at first. After thinking on it a little longer, it clicked for Andy that Jax was talking about Scheana making more money than her husband, Brock Davies

“Oh, because she’s the breadwinner. Is that what you’re saying?” Andy asked before Jax confirmed, saying the joke “obviously went over everyone’s head.”

“No one was getting it.” 

Later during the show, Andy called Jax out, saying his comment was “misogynistic,” however, using a word with more than two syllables may be too much for Jax to understand. 

But, seriously, Jax’s comments are just another reason why his wife walked out on him. He’s an actual man-child, rude, and can’t let go of his antiquated belief that any woman making more than their husband takes away from their manhood. It’s sick, twisted, and flat-out annoying. Brittany, your friends are right — you deserve better.

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