Are Lala Kent and Scheana Shay Weaponizing Their Parental Status?

Lala kent Scheana Shay
Photo Credit: Bruce Glikas/WireImage via Getty Images

After Season 11 wrapped, fans of Vanderpump Rules aren’t exactly sure where they stand with Lala Kent and Scheana Shay. The former SUR employees have been a bit wishy-washy. And Bravo cameras caught them supporting Ariana Madix and then abruptly gaslighting her. Ariana’s boundaries should have been a nonissue since both Sheesh and La have made their own set of boundaries in the past regarding their issues.

But the duo couldn’t just accept their friend’s terms, with cameras catching them acting hypocritical at times. Since Lala announced her second pregnancy, she has been a bit insufferable, and fans are taking note. 

Choose your weapon carefully

Season 11 was filled with petty drama. One constant point of contention for viewers was how it felt Lala and Scheana both chose to weaponize motherhood. The Good as Gold singer talked endlessly about mom guilt. Especially when she spoke about flying to New York City to see Ariana on Broadway. While I applaud her courage in speaking about her postpartum OCD, there were times when Scheana acted as if she wanted to drum up extra empathy. The complaint didn’t add up since Scheana had been traveling all over for festivals. This made me ask, ‘Did your mom guilt only pop up when you went to see Chicago?” 

Then fans watched at the reunion as Lala dragged Katie Maloney’s business, saying “more like nothing about her.” The beauty mogul wanted Katie to speak badly about Ariana. But when she didn’t get her way, she tried to play the world’s smallest violin as she went on about her business being the livelihood of her child. There have been times throughout this season that Lala acted like she is the first person ever to do anything; be cheated on or have a child. In another scene, Ariana and Lala had words while in the backyard. And the moment Ariana defended herself with receipts, Lala stormed off, saying, “I’m not doing this I have a child.”

Vanderpump Rules fans are not pleased with Lala and Scheana

It feels a bit taboo to be writing on the subject of being a mother. Especially when I am not one. But more and more, it is starting to feel like so many women, whether on Vanderpump Rules or in real life, use being a mother as an excuse for either poor behavior or decisions. Personally, from a non-mom perspective, I’m over it. Numerous times I watched Lala and Scheana act as if they were better than the others just because they had children. And it seems I’m not alone in my thoughts. 

Like many other women, these reality stars made an active choice to be mothers. And that objectively comes with a harder life. But that isn’t anyone else’s problem; why act as if it is? Why should Ariana or Katie give either of them grace for bad behavior or outbursts? I don’t understand how Lala or Scheana can act as if their livelihood is more important than that of their single friends. 

One fan noted, “The way Lala and Scheana weaponize being a mother in order to attack their cast mates is disgusting. You don’t get to treat people like sh*t and then cry about being a mom when they clap back. Also, other people aren’t responsible for taking care of your family.” Another fan added, “The way Lala and Scheana weaponize motherhood is atrocious.”

Get a grip

It’s almost as if Lala and Scheana don’t fully comprehend that they picked the Mom life. While watching the newest season as a viewer, I could see how happy they were when they talked about or interacted with their children. But the constant digs almost had them come across as ungrateful. It made me think of the millions of people out there who struggle with infertility who would kill for Lala or Scheana’s kid problems.

I couldn’t help but feel that both needed to humble themselves. Again, making your life harder by choice isn’t something to be lauded for. What is perhaps the saddest part is that Katie and Ariana talked about their journey toward motherhood, I would think that Lala and Scheana would empathize instead of weaponize.