Why VPR producers were angry at Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney.
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Why Vanderpump Rules Producers Got Mad at Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney

Stassi Schroeder left Vanderpump Rules behind after being fired in 2020. She clearly enjoyed the time away from reality TV because she turned down The Valley, too. But even though she’s been living her best life post-Bravo, she still reflects on her experience from time to time. On her podcast, she discussed a Season 1 moment in which producers were furious with Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney. Later, she talked about her then-cheating ex-boyfriend, Jax Taylor, and Frank Herlihy.

Stassi, Katie, and Kristen learned the rules of reality TV after they pissed off VPR producers

During the conversation, Stassi told her listeners about the Season 1 trip where the cast went to Las Vegas for her birthday. Before they arrived, Stassi went shopping with the girls, where they found a dress she liked. Later, Kristen and Katie returned to the store with the producers to buy the dress to give to Stassi on the trip. When they arrived and found out that Stassi brought her boy toy, Frank, they were pissed and threw the dress at her. According to Stassi, the latter happened “off camera.”

She then said that “production was so mad at them.” Stassi, who was new to unscripted at the time, said they “didn’t understand” how reality TV worked at the time. “They didn’t realize that they were supposed to wait and give me that dress on camera because they had filmed a scene picking the dress out.”

Following that incident, Stassi said they understood they had to “run every single thing” by producers, like even using the bathroom. Why? Apparently, they need to make sure there wasn’t “a scene filmed prior.”

Stassi says she was a “victim” during the Las Vegas trip

In case you don’t remember this episode, it took place in a VIP area of a bar, and it was nothing but chaos. In fact, Tom Schwartz got into it with Stassi and poured his beer on her like a certified jerk. Consequently, Stassi said she views herself as a “victim” because her co-stars didn’t stop her problematic ex-boyfriend, Jax, from coming to her party (no, he wasn’t invited). And to make it worse, “everyone left” Stassi to go hang with him. Despite it all, she was the “villain” of the season. She finished the segment by saying she’ll tell her daughter one day not to let people treat her that way.

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