Should Tom Sandoval Compete on Dancing With the Stars?

Should Tom Sandoval compete on Dancing with the Stars?
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Season 32 of Dancing with the Stars was epic. Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix placed third in the competition. She turned in amazing performances week after week amid a cast packed with seasoned performers. Ariana was well-known for Scandoval, the cheating drama that played out on Pump Rules. This shocking affair fascinated the nation.

As you may recall, Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana, his girlfriend of nearly a decade, with her friend, Rachel Leviss. One night when Tom was singing (and I use that term loosely) on stage in early March 2023, his phone fell. While Ariana was safeguarding the phone, she discovered sexual videos of Rachel. She ended her relationship with Sandoval, and the shock waves are still reverberating across VPR today.

Now there is chatter that Sandoval may be asked to join Season 33 of DWTS. So, should Sandoval compete on Dancing with the Stars? Let’s break down all the pros and cons.

Sandoval dreamed of being on DWTS

When Ariana first discussed being on DWTS, she knew how much her ex wanted to be part of it. And Ariana realized that joining the cast would be sweet revenge. I’m sure that made the offer more attractive.

As for Sandoval, he was getting his moves TV-ready for DWTS. Sandoval admitted, “I actually took ballroom lessons and everything.” But fear not, Sandoval! Former DWTS pro-Cheryl Burke predicted that Sandoval would be in the ballroom for Season 33. The longtime pro knows what she is talking about. So, we just might see a waltzing Sandoval this fall.

Sandoval has an outgoing personality

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Sandoval fronts his cover band, Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras. This man adores the spotlight, and he enjoys performing onstage.

However, if given a choice, I would much prefer to watch Sandoval bust a move than hear his cringey trumpet playing. Or listen to his often-pitchy vocals. His performance ability would be a plus on the show.

Sandoval’s ex Ariana Madix just competed in Season 32 of DWTS

Ariana just slayed Season 32, even though she didn’t take home The Len Goodman Mirrorball Trophy. Many of her routines were based on female empowerment and moving forward. And yes – these were likely a dig at Sandoval.

After DWTS, Ariana hit Broadway, portraying Roxie Hart in Chicago. USA Today reported that when Ariana joined the cast, the musical had its “highest-grossing non-holiday performance week ever.” Her life is clearly on an upswing since splitting with Sandoval.

But would it make sense for Sandoval to compete now, right after Ariana? She would be a tough act to follow.

Everyone is tired of Scandoval

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Plus, there are signs that the world has Scandoval fatigue. Pump Rules took a break from filming after the Season 11 reunion. Another raw season about the fallout from the betrayal was hard on the cast and on viewers. The hope is that when, and if, the cameras go up, the cast members will be in a different spot in their lives.

Whether DWTS viewers would see Sandoval’s presence on the show as a reminder of Scandoval is unclear. Some fans may see him as just another reality TV star trying to salsa to success. But if people are sick of the cheating saga, he could receive fewer votes.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix are being sued by Rachel Leviss

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In February 2024. Entertainment Weekly reported that Rachel filed a lawsuit against Sandoval and Ariana. She accused them of invasion of privacy, revenge porn, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and eavesdropping.

Rachel claimed in her lawsuit that she is allegedly a “victim of the predatory and dishonest behavior of an older man who recorded sexually explicit videos of her without her knowledge or consent, which were then distributed, disseminated, and discussed publicly by a scorned woman seeking vengeance, catalyzing the scandal.”

After filming the vicious Season 10 Pump Rules reunion, Rachel spent months in a mental health treatment facility. She broke off all contact with Sandoval.

Eventually, Sandoval tried to get the lawsuit tossed out, describing it as a “thinly veiled attempt to extend her fame.” He also alleged that Rachel was seeking to “rebrand herself as the victim instead of the other woman.”

Meanwhile, Ariana denied showing the video to others. A Los Angeles judge decided in Rachel’s favor, allowing her to pursue her allegations of invasion of privacy and eavesdropping.

Although DWTS likes to cast people who have some notoriety attached to their name, casting Sandoval may result in backlash from DWTS, and VPR, fans.

Other Pump Rules cast members may be a better fit

Sandoval wasn’t the only former SURver harboring dreams of twirling around the ballroom. Scheana Shay was crushed when she discovered that her good friend, Ariana, was cast on the show. She dreamed of competing in DWTS for years and had been taking dance classes.

Although Scheana was happy for Ariana, the news still felt like “a punch to the gut.” I think that Scheana could be a better choice than Sandoval. Even DJ James Kennedy, with his high energy level and enthusiasm, could be an interesting pick.

It looks like Tom Sandoval competing on Season 33 of Dancing with the Stars has more negatives than positives. We will have to wait until fall to find out if he will be quickstepping across the ballroom.

Season 33 of Dancing with the Stars will return this fall on ABC, Disney+, and Hulu.