Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Cabral’s RHONJ Feud Explained

A breakdown of Jennifer Aydin and Danielle's Cabral's RHONJ feud.
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Season 13 of Real Housewives of New Jersey forever divided the cast. Newbies Danielle Cabral and Rachel Fuda were swept up in the feud between Teresa Giudice, her brother, Joe Gorga, and his wife, Melissa Gorga. It was a toxic triangle of family drama.

During the most recent episode of Season 14 of RHONJ, viewers watched a shocking physical altercation between Danielle and Jennifer Aydin. So, what happened to bring these Garden State ladies to this point? Let’s take a look at all the factors at play in Danielle and Jennifer’s feud.

Danielle was set up

Danielle Cabral on Watch What Happens Live.
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Last season, Jennifer shared a secret with Danielle. Margaret Josephs’ former BFF, Laura Jensen, claimed that Margaret told her that Melissa was seen playing tonsil hockey with someone who was not her husband. Later on, Laura admitted that she never stated this alleged make-out happened.  

Danielle felt bad for Melissa and decided to tell her during the Season 13 finale. Even though Jennifer begged her not to talk to Melissa, Danielle wasn’t swayed. But she was the one who ended up shocked. Teresa and her husband, Luis Ruelas, told the story to Joe months earlier.

At the reunion, Danielle asked Teresa and Jennifer if they set her up. Of course, they denied it. Even host Andy Cohen seemed to believe that Danielle was told the rumor so that she would mention it on camera.

While onstage, Danielle denied that she felt set up. But backstage, with her husband, Nate Cabral, she was caught on a hot mic stating, “They set me up!”

Danielle confronted Teresa and Jennifer

Danielle hosted a Boujie Brunch in honor of her kids’ clothing line having a fashion show at New York’s Fashion Week. But she also took the opportunity to call out Jennifer and Teresa for allowing someone to talk badly about her.

Of course, she was referencing a hairdresser named Lena. Lena went to Jennifer’s house and told the ladies that Danielle was rude to her. Specifically, after Lena did Danielle’s hair for her charity event, Lena was bounced out of the VIP area. And Danielle was the one who allegedly gave the thumbs up to boot her. Neither Teresa nor Jennifer defended Danielle.

So, when Jennifer explained what Lena said, Danielle had a fiery reaction. “She shouldn’t be in the VIP. Who is she?’ she exclaimed. That didn’t sit well with Jennifer at all.

Once again, Danielle asked if Teresa and Jennifer set her up. Jennifer replied, “No.” Then Teresa responded, “I don’t know who is in your ear Danielle because she told you like how many times now.” There is a trust issue between Danielle and her two new friends. But I think that Danielle realized the truth.

Jennifer slams Danielle’s behavior

Melissa’s housewarming party was a hotbed of drama. Danielle and Jennifer spoke again, and this time Jennifer was on the offensive. She reminded Danielle that she wanted Teresa and Jennifer to defend her. “Listen, if I agreed with what you did, like, I would have stuck up for you,” Jennifer said. Then she slammed Danielle for the way that she spoke about Lena.

In her confessional, Danielle explained about the charity event, which was for kids with cancer. The VIP was set up for her, Jennifer, Teresa, and Dolores Catania. But when friends, family, and glam were all in the section, she asked security to move people out of the VIP. It was purely for safety reasons.

Still, Jennifer was salty because Danielle wouldn’t allow Lena to bring Laura, who shared the Melissa cheating rumor with the universe. And the worst sin of all was leaving Jennifer’s husband, Dr. Bill Aydin’s practice off the step and repeat. Danielle pointed out that small businesses bought those spaces, and Jennifer and Bill did not. Bloop!

Jennifer accused Danielle of taking from the charity

The confrontation between Jennifer and Danielle happened at Teresa and Luis’ sexy Tulum backyard party. But this evening would be anything but peaceful and relaxing.

Jennifer accused Danielle of paying herself out of the charity proceeds. She announced that she pays for everything out of her pocket, so all the proceeds go to charity. Well, as Danielle pointed out, Jennifer is a millionaire. While Danielle has to take a cut to pay the vendors, and then the remainder goes to the charity.

Next, Jennifer alleged that Danielle “sabotaged” her hairdresser, Marissa. It turned out that Marissa had a photo shoot for her hairline, and Dolores, Danielle, and Jennifer were going to participate. Danielle reportedly called Jennifer to explain what she would be doing, and that Jennifer’s hairstylists might be offended. Jennifer thanked Danielle for letting her know.

But according to Jennifer, Danielle doesn’t treat “her people” well. And that is when all hell broke loose in a cloud of glitter.

The altercation that led to Jennifer and Danielle’s suspension

Jennifer Aydin on a panel at BravoCon.
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The ladies started to call each other terms of endearment like “dirty,” “piece of sh*t,” and  “dirtbag.” Then Jennifer shoved Danielle. Next, Danielle whacked a plastic drink cup against Jennifer’s head. This is why RHONJ can’t have nice things, like a Season 14 reunion.

Danielle screamed, “How about that?” And Jennifer replied, “Tastes good, baby doll!”

As Nate escorted his wife into the house, Danielle turned her attention to Bill. “Your wife’s a dirty f*cking dumb bitch. Just so you know, when you go to bed at night, you’re sleeping with the f*cking devil,” she yelled.

After Danielle left, the rest of the cast checked on Jennifer. At first, she didn’t admit to shoving Danielle, claiming it happened so fast. Then she admitted that she “could” have pushed her. Meanwhile, Teresa admitted that throwing a glass at someone who shoves you is totally fine.

Page Six reported that both Jennifer and Danielle were temporarily suspended while Bravo investigated the incident. They later resumed filming.

We already know that the Season 14 reunion is not going forward and that what happens in the finale will illustrate to viewers why it was scrapped.

It remains to be seen how much Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Cabral’s RHONJ feud affects the rest of the season.