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Social justice warrior and star of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Sandoval, is that guy who sticks up for the underdog. When he isn’t shaving his forehead or straightening his hair, you might find him saving loose-lipped James Kennedy from a throat punch. You could almost say in the realm of reality television, Tom is one of the good guys.

Most of the veteran cast are adulting now, including Tom. Along with partners Tom Schwartz and Lisa Vanderpump, the cocktail journey to enlightenment known as TomTom has brought some fresh blood to the Pump Rules petri dish waters. Some of these new cast members might be testing the limits of what is deemed acceptable in the age of social media. Or life in general. Newcomer, Max Boyens, recently came under fire for some uncovered ignorant and racist comments posted to Twitter. Now Tom 1 is being called out for his lack of response to Max’s youthful stupidity and he explains exactly what went down.

Stassi Schroeder Kristen Doute Vanderpump Rules

Everybody gather ’round and play your tiny violins for Kristen Doute. Poor Kristen is having a heck of a time, thus far on Vanderpump Rules. She has no man, no friends, and still no point on the show. Even though Kristen no longer claims Brian Carter as a dependant on her taxes, her completely dysfunctional relationships with her best friends began circling the drain again.

Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney, both successful relationship experts, grew weary of Kristen’s constant complaining about her life. Seemingly forgetting the only storylines either of them have had for the past two seasons revolved around their basic inability to function with a significant other. Now Stassi finds herself planning a wedding and fans are wondering if she will invite old buddy Kristen, despite their on/off status. Will Drunk Kristen have a seat at the A table, or will she be relegated to the parking lot, singing Good As Gold and crying with Scheana Marie?

Andy Cohen Admits Porsha Williams Was Almost Fired From Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Way back in 2012, Real Housewives of Atlanta fans were introduced to one Porsha Williams Stewart. Porsha was a young married girl, filled with hopes and dreams of being the perfect mother and wife. Her now ex-husband, former football star, Kordell Stewart, ran a tight ship and kept a tight leash on his spouse. It was not an easy freshman year for Porsha. She didn’t exactly portray herself as the wisest Housewife ever, after displaying her complete lack of knowledge on historic facts regarding the Underground Railroad or how many days are in a year…

Porsha’s debut wasn’t finding a lot of support amongst the Bravo big guys. Keep in mind, this was before she bought economy-class tickets to THOTlandia and started using “her voice”. Now Andy Cohen is sharing some intel about Porsha’s first season, and believe it or not, her role was on very shaky ground. According to Andy, she was pretty much on the way out, but something happened at her first reunion that wound up changing minds and getting people on board that phantom train she had running beneath the Earth’s surface.

Kathryn Dennis Posts Photo With Thomas Ravenel; Southern Charm Fans Have Questions!

Throughout history we cling to tales of true love and triumph over adversity. We root for an underdog couple to find their way, despite the limits of society and last call at 2am. But sometimes Cupid’s arrow falls a bit short of the happily ever after scenario. Just ask Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis. If we’re being honest, Kathryn and Thomas’ photo should be front and center beside the definition of “messy” in the dictionary. Thankfully, Southern Charm managed to capture their budding relationship, their mutual substance abuse issues, and ultimately their downfall.

But Kathryn and Thomas did have two beautiful children as a result of their union. They also had rage-fueled fights and disturbing revelations. Not to mention a custody battle where Thomas deposed most of the cast and Kathryn’s My Size Barbie from 1994. After Thomas’ descent into madness unfortunate experience with a nanny and subsequent arrest, he got the boot. While some viewers cheered his absence, others noticed a gaping hole of drama was exposed and the show was difficult to watch. The rumor mill has been saying Southern Charm hasn’t been filming due to a cast shake up and a drought of action. So what is a girl to do about this? Stunt Queen, party of two – your table is ready.

Ferrari Crashes Into Pump Restaurant In West Hollywood, Lisa Vanderpump Says, “We Are Not A Drive-Thru”

Days before the new season of Vanderpump Rules wows us with train wreck lifestyles, Lisa Vanderpump’s trendy hotspot Pump will be under construction. Nothing says this is going to be an excellent year like picking glass out of your hair! Lisa’s restaurants are often the site of multiple drunken arguments, finger-pointing, and the occasional body-shaming comment, now the crew can add a new destructive element to the list.

I’m not sure this is the kind of publicity Lisa wants heading into the Pump Rules premiere tomorrow night, OR IS IT? I’m certain nothing would surprise us at this point. That said, brunch patrons at Pump got a little more than they bargained for on Sunday. Thanks to a driver with a questionable turn radius, Lisa’s staff suddenly found themselves cleaning more than the remnants of mimosas and desperation from the tables.

Real Housewives Of Orange County RHOC Gina Kirschenheiter

Someone is having a boo-hoo moment on Real Housewives of Orange County and for once it isn’t Tamra Judge. The subject, however, is her son Ryan Vieth. It’s been kind of a Ryan-heavy season thus far on RHOC. Tamra’s eldest kid has been struggling with being a dick personal issues for quite some time.

During a recent episode, we saw Ryan visit a life coach at his mother’s suggestion. Naturally, the intimate moment was filmed and Tamra’s storyline Ryan’s perceived vulnerability was put on display. Unfortunately, the angle they were going for might not have been reached. Viewers were rubbed the wrong way by Ryan blaming his upbringing for his unemployment lack of structure. One person stuck up for Ryan, that being kiss-ass Tamra’s buddy Gina Kirschenheiter. After saying Ryan “gets a bad rap” and complimenting his parenting, Ryan had a response for Gina.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Vicki Gunvalson

It appears no one can save demoted Real Housewives of Orange County star, Vicki Gunvalson from her own mouth. In a superhuman effort to remain pertinent to the cast, Vicki has inserted herself into all kinds of controversial content. Even though Vicki’s status went from “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated” with her orange, she still plays a heavy role on the show. Unfortunately, her way with rumors words might have earned her more clapbacks than a standing ovation.

Without Vicki, there would have been no sex train this season. We wouldn’t have a nickname for Brown Wind Windham-Burke. And viewers would be remiss to have escaped Vicki’s annual visit to the hospital during a cast trip. While Vicki’s campaign to come back full time has been rammed down our faces, some viewers and cast members feel it might be time for her to go once and for all. Now, Vicki’s words have gotten her into hot water once again. Condragulations, honey!

Lisa Vanderpump Open To Rebuilding Friendship With Former Co-Star Denise Richards

You might be wondering why the media won’t give up on Lisa Vanderpump and anything to do with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The simple fact is, the loss of Lisa is a huge blow to the franchise. Whether you love Lisa or consider her the mind-manipulating force behind orchestrated canine scandals, you are kidding yourself if you think it’s over.

When Lisa left the show, she also left her friendships in the dust. She said buh-bye to her close relationship with Kyle Richards after Bangs visited Lisa’s house to accuse her of lying. Lisa was never particularly close to Erika Jayne, because no one gets close to a riddle wrapped in migraines and designer sneakers. And let’s be honest, who really wants to be friends with Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave? So what does that mean for the rest of the gang? Well, Lisa says she is interested in maintaining a friendship with at least one of them. I’m sure it will be totally fine with the other ladies…