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On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, decision day was quickly approaching and the couples explored each other’s past to prepare for the future. Dr. Jessica Griffin gives each person an assignment to walk down memory lane and share a traumatic experience or introduce family and friends.

Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar discuss the resentment he had for his dad growing up. Kristine shares her ex-fiance was controlling and wanted her to be a housewife, despite her career aspirations. As she talked to Keith, she realized their relationship is similar to her having to do all of the housework. She questioned whether they share the housework and Keith’s response is “I didn’t expect so many dishes.” It is clear Kristine is starting to feel like the updated version of his grandmother. Her frustration is apparent during a tense conversation about their dynamic. She even tells him she isn’t going to be the breadwinner and the person who solely takes care of the home. I totally agree, I think anyone would start to get annoyed by his childlike behavior. I guess he wasn’t lying when he said he was a lazy couch potato.


Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans has called it quits with her husband, David Eason. It is unclear if this is a ploy for attention or it’s real. However, Jenelle did make it official on social media. Rumors were sparked when posts surfaced on Facebook on Saturday.

It seems that she may finally have come to her senses despite always standing by her man, whom she married in September of 2017.


During last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana DeJesus’ youngest daughter, Stella had to be rushed to the hospital because of a bacterial infection that was affecting the mobility of her arm. Both Briana and her mother struggled to take care of her other daughter Nova as well. Nova doesn’t quite understand what is going on, but it is obvious she is missing her mother and sister.

Briana reveals Stella’s dad’s only response to her emergency surgery was to ask for updates about how she is doing. SMH. You would think he would want to come and see for himself since she is in the hospital. This is exactly why I think Briana needs to slow down with her relationships. She seems to make very bad decisions with the men in her life. This includes her current boo, who she is already rushing into a relationship with.


Last night on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, Karl Dargan faced the music for his FaceTime rendezvous with his mistress downstairs as his wife, Lil Mo slept upstairs. It’s as if this man doesn’t know he is in a house with CAMERAS to fix his marriage. He actually asks the woman to tell him she loves him before he goes back to bed. If Lil Fizz hadn’t walked into the kitchen who knows what else would have been said. Wow… SMH. This man has no respect for his wife or their relationship.

The experts view the tape. Dr. Ish asks who he was talking to and he has the nerve to say it was his sister. Ummm….My brother has NEVER called me at 2 AM and asked me to say I love him.  Weird, that he would even use his sister as an excuse. After, Dr. Ish tells Karl he has to tell his wife about the conversation. Then, He runs to his room to let Lil Mo “they can see everything.” Of course, she and everyone knew this house was full of cameras, except for Karl apparently.


On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, the experts gave the couples an exercise in trust. This should definitely be interesting. Most of the couples are working to just like each other, let alone trust each other. Each couple engages in a phone swap. Apparently, Keith Dewar failed. Not only did he have several naked pictures of his ex, he willingly handed his phone over to his wife, Kristine Killingsworth. And let’s just say she is NOT happy! Will Keith delete the pictures? Or will he hold on to the past? Also, Luke Cuccurullo makes another move to solidify that he secretly hates Kate Sisk and will divorce her as soon as he gets the chance. Kate, this is your last warning, run girl, run!

AJ Vollmoeller sits down with Stephanie Sersen and explains why he talks excessively. He claims it is because he has to listen most of the time at work. In his mind, it’s only fair, he gets to inundate her with gibberish and demands of dinners together as a trade-off. Stephanie shares that most of her relationships in the past have been trainwrecks. So although she is hopeful, she is cautious. Sorry, Steph, but I think AJ is a trainwreck as well, but just for a different reason. He is nuts!


During last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana DeJesus invited her next baby daddy boy toy, John to go camping. Briana’s mom hears about the trip and she hopes she is going to pace herself. I think we all hope that! She falls in love just as quickly as the relationships fall apart. SMH. If she put as much effort into her kids as she did with these men, then she would be super mom.

It is very odd to me that there are only three people going on this trip. Briana only invites her best friend and her new boo. Seems like this was supposed to be a girls trip and the plans changed at the last minute. Who would want to be the third wheel on a trip???? What is sad is that I am not surprised. She just seems like the type of friend who would ditch you at the club the moment a guy smiled at her.


Last night on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, Tiffany Campbell confronted Lil Fizz about his relationship with Nia Riley. She is very unhappy with how cozy the picture of him and Nia appears. Lil Fizz claims they are just friends, but is also extremely defensive when questioned. At this point, I don’t even know why it matters. This has man has done everything, besides putting it on a billboard, to show Tiffany he has no real interest in her. Her questions would be valid if they were in a relationship, but given their circumstances, it should just be another reason to move on. Is Nia interested in Fizz as more than a friend?

Tiffany continues to grill him on Nia. She wants to know how many times have they hung out. Lil Fizz tells her people have always been there when they have seen each other. She is upset that Nia has been around his son and she hasn’t. Fizz tells her to get over it and find someone who isn’t a public figure. He is tired of people asking him about Nia when she is in a relationship. She asks Nia directly and her story is different. At this point, who cares? They are not in a relationship and he doesn’t seem to ever want to be in one. His contempt for her practically leaps off the screen.


Last night on Floribama Shore was the group’s last week in the shore house. It’s finally time for them all to say goodbye. This season we have seen a lot of drunken nights, hookups, stalking, and fights. With Jeremiah Buoni’s brother in town, I wonder if Nilsa Prowant will fall for him again. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen since he completely played her last summer.

Jeremiah’s brother, Josh, finally arrives at the house. The douche bag level goes up to a thousand with his arrival. Josh tells the crew that he is getting laid tonight. Josh clearly knows attention is Nilsa’s kryptonite because begins complimenting her. Little does she know what he was just saying about her outside.