Who Is Real Housewives of Orange County Newbie Katie Ginella?

Katie Ginella and Matt Ginella
Golf Unfiltered/YouTube

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 18 is currently filming. Out is Vicki Gunvalson, and in is Katie Ginella. If you’re asking “who?” like an owl, (sorry, it’s nearing dinnertime, and I’m thinking Hooters), then look no further. Here are a few known details that I gathered, which will tell you a bit more about this soon-to-appear RHOC newbie.

But first, we’re talking about the husband(s) / kids

Katie’s currently married to Matt Ginella. His Instagram bio reads “digital creator.” However, Matt also lists “CEO of Fire Pit Collective, a production company” and “Host of Fire Pit Podcast.” In addition, although he doesn’t list this in his bio, Matt’s also an Editor-at-Large and a travel insider for the Golf Channel.

This means he likely travels a lot. Please don’t let this be another doomed pairing

Speaking of doomed pairings, before Matt, Katie’s first marriage to a guy named Andrew didn’t end well. Andrew is the father of Katie’s 3 oldest children, Kaili (2004), Gavin (2006), and Maxon (2009). In a pretty horrific 2018 legal document that I wish I never found and read, it was alleged that Andrew punched Gavin “in the chest,” and gave Max a peanut, to “test” if he was really allergic (spoiler alert, according to the filing, he was), and that he also “turned Kaili’s room into an Xbox room” after she moved in with Katie.

Gracious. I’m not sure if I want Katie to talk about this on RHOC or not. These are dark claims.

This isn’t Katie’s first reality television rodeo

Katie and Matt wed in 2015, but in 2017, Katie’s episode of Say Yes to the Dress dropped. Over on Southern Bride, Katie shared a lot about her taped journey to the alter. “Six months into dating Matt, he was at Big Cedar Lodge covering a work event; for The Golf Channel featuring the best destinations and golf courses. He called me from The Chapel of the Ozarks at Top of the Rock and said “If we ever get married, it has to be here,” Katie began.

“Fast forward 18 months after he proposed and without ever seeing Big Cedar myself, we booked the date,” she added, only to then share a super exciting detail. “Shortly after, I got a call from Say Yes To the Dress. They heard about our engagement and the location we chose and wanted to come along for the wedding.”

Katie went on to reveal that after their friends gave their toasts, “Matt announced that we were expecting our first child together.” Bandon was born in the Spring that followed.

A shallow Instagram dive

Katie’s Instagram photos are currently unable to be shared, but her husband’s is set up differently, so here we are. That said, her page is open, and her bio made me chuckle. It reads “Mrs. Ginella, Mama to 4 perfect little people and Waffle House addict.” Katie then wrote that she was a Georgia peach, using the peach emoji, before adding that she’s now “living in Southern California.”

I mean, I love Waffle House, but, it’s not exactly fine dining, so, color me officially intrigued by this short reveal. Overall, I’m a big fan of Katie’s relatability in just this one sentence alone, because for me, the constant wealth flaunting sometimes gets old. Crap. Now I want waffles…

She works hard for her money

Katie isn’t just a stunning Real Housewives newbie. In fact, through an old interview with A.PUTNAM, I just learned that Katie began a career as a journalist, but this turned into a travel reporting gig for Back 9 Network. This network is now defunct, but when she was employed here, Katie covered topics like lifestyle, travel, and even college golf.

These days, Katie’s an advocate for women-owned businesses, which you have to love. If not, I’m sending Ramona Singer your way, to let you know that “you don’t support other women.”

Katie knows several Bravo stars

Something else I noticed on Katie’s socials is that she’s tight with several Bravo stars. With a side of MTV. Online, Katie posed with Camille Grammer, Cynthia Bailey, Sutton Stracke, and Audrina Patridge. As for her series, the only face we see so far belongs to Gina Kirschenheiter, who is rumored to be the one behind bringing Katie on to this series.

That said, Katie is following the entire cast. This includes Emily Simpson, Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador, Alexis Bellino, Jennifer Pedranti, and Tamra Judge. Even though Vicki’s not slated to return, she and Katie are also friends online.

Also, I put Shannon next to Alexis above on purpose. I’m a child. And therefore, this relationship is the one that I’m the most eager to watch unfold, and likely, unravel.

Katie’s on Gina’s radar in Season 18

Uh oh. It looks like the drama is already brewing between Katie and her buddy Gina. During filming for Season 18, a fan overheard Gina yelling at Katie. Listen, the audio is rough. But lemme try my best to write what I heard.

“You’re incorrect. You are lying about this, and what you’re doing here, Katie, it’s not right and I’m not okay with it. I brought you in to be my friend – into this group. You’re making your bullsh*t my bullsh*t, and I don’t appreciate that,” Gina yelled. I think.

No reply back from Katie could be deciphered. Yet.