Long gone are the days of getting a clown and some blown up balloons to celebrate a kid’s birthday, as the 4th episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showed us the proper way to mark a child’s birthday party, BH style of course.

The episode begins with Taylor Armstrong, who might or might not be the Alexis Bellino of the Beverly Hills franchise, going diamond shopping for her 4-year-old daughter Kennedy because at age 4, it is officially time for Kennedy’s first diamond. Upon deciding on the perfect piece for Kennedy, the jewelers convince Taylor to buy some pieces for the 25 girls that will be in attendance and she obliges.


Lisa is shown preparing dinner for her family as her 24-year-old daughter Pandora is paying a visit. As I attempt to figure out what the heck is on Pandora’s head, Lisa reveals that her 18-year-old son Max was adopted at 6 weeks old. Max is living in Idaho as he was skipping school and smoking pot while in Beverly Hills. Max wants to return to BH upon graduating to attend the Musicians Institute and Lisa is worried that might lead to him following the wrong crowd. Me thinks Lisa has good reason to be worried.

Adrienne is shown at home and we find out she has 3 sons with hubby Paul. Adrienne reveals she does have a part time nanny, a housekeeper and a chef. And with all that, Adrienne still has nothing on Camille’s 4 nannies, while also appearing to be a more hands on mom than her co-star.

In one of the best scenes in Housewives’ history, we get to see Camille Grammer planning her leisure trip to Hawaii. Immediately, the Bimbo lets us know just how grueling her life is, you know, having to order around your nannies and housekeepers, and making sure your Hawaii vacation home is vacation ready. The ridiculousness doesn’t end there as Camille feels she has way more on her plate than her co-stars. Just seconds after saying this, the geniuses known as Bravo cut to Camille asking her house manager if her pool in Hawaii will be heated. Wowzers at the delusions of this lady named Camille. Priceless scene all around.

It’s party planning time and we get to find out just how much it costs to throw a proper BH birthday party. Taylor reveals she wants her party her daughter’s party to be “super elegant,” before stating that Kyle will not be able to make it because she is also throwing her daughter a birthday party on the same day. And in this scene, we also find out that housewife Taylor has her own assistant.

The scene cuts to Kyle who seems to be planning a more reasonable party for her daughter. But as we will learn towards the end of the episode, even a “reasonable” party in Beverly Hills will cost you close to $20,000. “I think kids parties in Beverly Hills have really gotten out of control,” says Kyle.

We see Camille relaxing in Hawaii. “In Beverly Hills, I’m just so busy all the time. I run like several different homes. You know, I’ve got big obligations,” states the delusional one. And by busy, she means busy planning her year round vacations. Camille states that the Hawaii home, which has 7 bedrooms, is located in a private community. Who knew Kramer had this much money?

Camille is asked about coping with her husband Kelsey being gone away for so long, and she shares that she’s getting used to it. In her interview, Camille reveals Kelsey had just gotten out of rehab when she first met him, and that she has basically dedicated her life to his sobriety. “I kept him sober for 12 years,” humbly declares Camille though I’m going to go out on a limb and give Kelsey the credit for keeping himself sober for 12 years.

It’s Lisa‘s birthday dinner and she is surprised with a visit from her son Max. Lisa looks ecstatic to see her baby and I must say I got a little teary eyed watching this scene. Lisa also gets teary eyed in her interview as she describes how much she loves her son though he is not biologically hers.

It’s back to Hawaii with Camille as she decides to go swimming, but not before giving the entire Bravo audience a little crack action. As another good male friend of Camille ogles at her, Camille lets us know just how much she enjoys helping people with her husband’s money. “I think I’ve helped everybody out in this hot tub,” declares the humble one. “I have a Jesus complex I think,” she adds. Oh the hilarity.

We then see Kim moving into her new home. Is it purchased? Rented? We are not told, but thanks to Bravo for this scene because I completely forgot about Kim for a quick second there. Kyle is shown getting ready for her daughter’s 2nd birthday party and is not happy upon finding out Kim will not be able to help her with the party. Kim has a good excuse as she has to move but Kyle appears a tad selfish as she would rather have Kim helping her out.

It’s also the day of Taylor’s party Kennedy’s party and the 4-year-old doesn’t seem too excited about the $60,000 mommy and daddy just spent on her party. “I wanna go upstairs,” dictates Kennedy. But Taylor doesn’t let Kennedy’s absence get in the way of her picture taking, as she even dons her hat and hops on a table to take some more pics.

It’s back to the parties and Bravo shows that Kyle spent $12,000 on her daughter Portia‘s party though Kyle revealed the amount was closer to $20,000 on WWHL. And just by looking at both parties, Kyle’s party looks way more fun, way more creative, way more exciting, and oh yeah, $40,000 cheaper than Taylor’s party. “I get more reward out of doing something lavish for my daughter, than for myself ,” states Taylor who has just spent 60k on a party for herself her daughter.

“Sometimes I think the party for the kids are geared more for the adults,” states Adrienne. And isn’t it odd that Adrienne, who is arguably the wealthiest of the bunch, seems the most normal and down to earth?

Next up, it’s gift time! You know, that special time at every rich kid’s party during which the rich parents make certain to present their kids with an over-the-top gift in front of everyone. First up for Kennedy is her own special theme song! Kennedy looks like she could care less about the song, you know, being that she’s only 4 and all. Taylor then presents her 4-year-old daughter with her own diamond barbie necklace! Once again, Kennedy looks less than enthused, that is, until daddy one ups mommy by gifting her a cute white puppy. Taylor is not too pleased about being one upped or about having her husband give their daughter a puppy after they both agreed on “no dogs.” The episode ends and next week, we get to see the ladies take yet another trip together.


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