Real Housewives of Orange County is not going to go quietly into oblivion following their explosive seventh season. Oh, no – they’re clinging, grasping, mawing, and groping for attention like a flock of famewhoring zombies. Which is actually a great description of what actually happens with these reality stars. But back to the story…

So a couple weeks ago Micah Tanous (that guy who was the husband of one-season Housewife Peggy Tanous) took to twitter to announce that some of the ladies of RHOC were buying twitter followers. Oh, you don’t say. Apparently the very bored girls of the RHOC who do not want us to forget they exist in the off-season turned it into a major scandal (in their eyes).

After exonerating themselves from any misdeeds where the buying of fans is concerned they decided one lady was guilty as accused. And just who did they coincidentally deduce was the guilty party? Alexis Bellino!


I’m pretty sure in Tamra Barney‘s spray-tanned addled mind Alexis is guilty of everything imaginable – even her failed marriage to Simon Barney. Sent to clear up the case of who was purchasing twitter followers was the intrepid, loafing Slave Smiley. Who has a job now – he’s a Radio DJ on RadioSlade. Yeah, I’m not listening to that crap either.

Gretchen Rossi put her manager indentured servant boyfriend to expose said fan buyer because Gretchen would never, ever, ever do anything sleazy like buy a twitter follower by promising a Gretchen Christine poop sack handbag in return. Slave’s brilliant investigative mind addressed the issue on his radio show.

Also, doing the math was RumorFix who gave a run-down of Twitter numbers:

Apparently Alexis gained over 30,000 followers in the matter of days. The other ladies gained a couple thousand here and there, but nothing as drastic as 30,750 in less than a week. So, that doesn’t look good for Miss Jesus Barbie.

Aug 1, 2012 – 312,714 followers

Aug 3, 2012 – Drops to 299,960 followers

Aug 7, 2012 – Rises to 307,371 followers

Aug 9, 2012 – Suddenly goes up to 338,121 followers

“She went all through last season being accused of being fake and phoney,” Slave also told RumorFix. And the alleged buying of twitter followers, he added, was just another example of that.

Alexis of course denies the allegation, tweeting: “Beyond crazy. I wouldn’t know the 1st thing about this & would never want fake fans following me.” Tamra was quick to accuse her of lying about that too. Unsurprisingly she claimed she had some proof. Tamra really missed her calling as a private investigator. Screw this Wines By Wives crap.

Tamra wrote: Once a fake always a fake!!!” Adding, “Her husband admitted it to Slade and Peggy! How does she explain the extream [sic] jumps up & down in her numbers?” All the other ladies (with the exception of Vicki Gunvalson who has bigger things to worry about) of course denied ever buying a follower.

“Lame, but not surprising,” Heather Dubrow chimed in. “I don’t buy followers & have ever needed too!,” Gretchen insisted. Well aren’t you all just the paragon of decency and everything wholesome.

You know you’re a famewhore when: You are pathetic enough to spend weeks figuring out which other famewhores are buying twitter followers. Yeah, that’s a sad day.

Moving on, amidst the rumors that she is being fired next season Alexis is claiming she has already been asked to return to the show. And why wouldn’t Bravo want her back – everyone despises her and that’s big drama. “I already received a phone call that they want to start filming, you know, in the next couple of months so I have to figure it out fast…,” Alexis shared with What’s Up Orange County.

Alexis is still undecided about a return though, admitting she’s not on the best of terms with most of her co-stars. “Well, Vicki and I talk once or twice, e-mail, text, we’ll go out when we can. Gretchen and I, you know, I don’t know what’s going to go happen with that,” she explained. “Obviously, Tamra and Heather — I don’t really have any desire.”

Tamra also confirmed filming is starting soon, tweeting: “we start filming next month” Oh, gee… are we ready for this?

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