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Alexis Bellino Discusses Possible Return To Real Housewives of Orange County

Alexis Bellino might have some new income in the wake of Taylor Armstrong’s departure from Real Housewives of Orange County. Yep, Tay Tay is out but who is coming in to fill her “friend” spot?

It may or may not be Ms. Victoria Gunvalson who delivered an ultimatum to anyone who was listening at BravoCon. Vicki said she would only return in a full-time slot to which I say, do we need more over-acting for the camera and filmed desperation when Tamra Judge already has that covered?

But maybe bringing someone back from the past isn’t entirely a bad idea. Alexis has been gone for a minute but she’s currently all up in the mix. While she could be dating Shannon Beador’s ex John Janssen, she might also get her orange back. Or at least a nice big glass of OJ. The Messenger has the scoop.

Is Bellino back in the game?

Courtesy Heather Dubrow Instagram Story

According to Alexis, the Bravo door is open but she’s not revealing her cards quite yet. “I would say, ‘Never say never.’ I just feel like I’m in such a good place right now. I think I’m good in my life right now.”

While the alum did a run on RHOC from Seasons 4 through 8, she was a different person, during a different time, married to a different man. So at least if she comes back, there will be a whole new Alexis to contend with. But she learned the hard way reality television isn’t very relaxing. “I don’t think any career is easy. So I think that we all have to take whatever we’re put in and what career we’re doing with a grain of salt,” she said.

“A CEO’s career is not easy. A reality star’s career is not easy. There’s nothing easy about any career, so you move forward and you do the best you can do,” she added. Plus, Alexis is currently navigating the end of one relationship while maneuvering the possible beginning of another. She also recently lost her mom.

She might be ready …

“But now I’m trying to turn the corner and I’m definitely feeling more … I’m seeing happiness again, a little bit. I’m trying to grieve properly and not with other options and medications and things, so I feel like I’m doing better,” Alexis explained.

Good ol Lex was recently at Kathy Hilton’s holiday shindig and ran into none other than Heather Dubrow. Heather shared a photo of them on Instagram, which did nothing but fuel the Alexis returning to RHOC fires.

If Alexis came back it would certainly take the shine off of Tammy Sue’s day. Shannon would absolutely lose her mind. And maybe she could form a lovely little alliance with Heather and Jennifer Pedranti. Are the winds of change blowing in the OC? Stay tuned.