Kyle Richards recently did a post-Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion sit-down with Andy Cohen where she discussed what happened at the reunion and where she stands with her castmates now. Kyle says her relationships with everyone are "OK" but she's also shockingly made peace with Lisa Vanderpump

Despite her fury at the reunion, Kyle feels in a better place. "I think at the reunion I was able to get some things off my chest that I have held in for a long time and I know that I personally left feeling better – better about everybody, actually." Even Brandi Glanville hasn't managed to piss her off too much!


"Brandi and I… We get along. We're not best friends. I realize in reality television you're either 'best friends' or you're 'enemies' – there's no middle ground, but we don't fight." 

Kyle also talked behind-the-scenes at the Lady Gaga video shoot and reveals that is where she and Lisa finally made peace! No Lisa no! 

"Lisa and I shot alone first and then we met up with the other girls which was… very cathartic, actually. It was time for us to break away from the rest of the group," Kyle explains. When the other girls – including Carlton Gebbia (whom came with Lisa) – showed up, Kyle says things were "still OK". 

"First she [Carlton] was ignoring me and I was ignoring her. We were all kind of in the make up area and I finally went up to her and said 'hello.' And later I told her that she looked really beautiful, that her makeup looked really beautiful. And I think she looked absolutely beautiful at the reunion – and I told her that too – and then she said, 'Oh thank you,'" Kyle recalls. "And then it was kind of awkward because we were trying to learn our dance moves. So we were kind of like laughing and bonding over that and breaking the ice." 

Reacting to Yolanda Foster's self-appointed role as 'mediator' at the reunion:

"I think Yolanda didn't want Lisa to feel she was being attacked, she just wanted to address these things that had been bothering her," Kyle says. When Andy asked Kyle if she felt Lisa and Yolanda were better Kyle answered, "No I do not," and laughed. "I think they were trying to come off that way [that everything was better], but according to their blogs and the things that they're writing since then – No." 

Discussing episode blogs and how they affect relationships, Kyle says she doesn't talk ish in blogs with people she has since made peace with, but calls Lisa and Yolanda the "biggest offenders" of dredging up the past. "Yolanda will want to have dinner and then I read her blog… and it's like I don't wanna have dinner with someone who says something like that! And then she's like 'I was talking about how I felt at the time…'" She didn't blame it on Lymebrain?

Finally, Andy asked about next season! "It's going to be veeeerrrry interesting," says Kyle. "Things have changed a lot. And even though there's been a big divide and relationships have changed a lot, I think we've really grown a lot. And learned a lot." I guess that means Kyle will be back, along with Lisa and Yolanda. And probably Brandi too! 

[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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