RHOBH Season 3 Reunion Kyle Cheating Rumors

I'm just gonna admit it: Kyle Richards is making me very crazy! Despite wasting an entire season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills complaining about how she didn't want to talk about the cheating allegations lobbed at her husband Mauricio Umansky, Kyle has talked about them non-stop, every. single. chance. she. gets. 

At yesterday's final reunion segment she spent an exorbitant amount of time ranting at Lisa Vanderpump for bringing up said rumors on camera because it "hurt her feelings" and brought attention to something she must on some level believe doesn't want out there. Despite extracting an apology from Lisa and promising to move on and move forward, Kyle devotes her final Bravo blog to blaming Lisa for igniting the cheating rumors. 


Let me just state, as you know we here at Reality Tea cover pretty much alllll reality TV scandals. When the stories of Mauricio cheating (literally two short articles on one low-grade tabloid and their affiliate website), we scoffed at them as being ridiculous and didn't even bother to cover it. The story was something to do with Mauricio and transvestite hookers. I'm not kidding – it almost seems as if someone planted something so outlandish and unbelievable for a storyline or for attention… It was a hot topic for literally one day when everyone laughed about it and moved on. Except Kyle

The real story is the one that Camille Grammer brought up way back in s1 that Mauricio likes his flings and his nannies. That's been around and around. Lisa never brought that up on camera. No one did – except for Kyle's GOOD FRIEND, Camille

Now on to Kyle's blog she continues to complain that Lisa made the cheating stories public consumption. Titling her blog "It's Still Out There" Kyle explains why she believed Brandi Glanville about the tabloids and how she is still like sooo hurt, but once again willing to work through it. 

"I believed Brandi could be telling the truth because of things that I heard Lisa say about my husband last year at the Reunion and during scenes I saw this season," Kyle writes. "It seemed to be a common theme to speak against my husband — whether it was watching Lisa going after Mauricio's and my integrity regarding our business at lunch with Yolanda and Brandi, or watching Lisa and Ken talk about the tabloids in their living room and seeing how Ken defended Mauricio while Lisa cleverly still tried to cast doubt."

"I think some of you think that I wasn't upset with Yolanda [Foster] or Brandi in all of this. I was very upset with all of them after Carlton's lunch at her home."

However, Kyle continues to blame Lisa for the rumors being addressed at all. "Then there was the fact that Lisa brought up the tabloids in the first episode. It doesn't matter if it is brought up as a joke or as an attack," Kyle complains. "No matter HOW it is brought up, it was still put out there. And all of us are smart enough to know that."

"Yes, it was in the tabloids but if it hadn't been mentioned during the show, it never would have been heard about again — which is why I made the point to Lisa that I could mention lots of things I had heard about the women," Kyle states. "But I never have, jokingly or not. Lisa herself was already joking on Twitter and on the show about the 3/4 of a nipple joke. And that was still AFTER she made the remarks in my kitchen regarding the tabloids." Tit for Tat and keeping score and all that. Kyle is so petty.

 As for the history of the tabloids, Kyle feels Lisa has changed her story – or Kyle is getting desperate. Who knows… "If Brandi had told me this out of the blue without these other red flags,  then maybe it would have been different. Lisa also had said in Puerto Rico that she never saw the tabloids until after Palm Springs. However, she mentioned it in Episode 1 while we were discussing having SUR cater my Beverly Hills Chamber Of Commerce party."

"At this point, I honestly don't even care anymore," Kyle lies. "Lisa says continuously that she felt 'ganged up' on. I also felt 'ganged up on' last year at the Reunion (WTF?!?!) and again this year with the 'Dream Team.' Joyce did as well. Lisa is not the only one to feel attacked."

"I do care about Lisa, which made this all the more difficult to swallow," Kyle adds. "Going forward, I accepted Lisa's apology. All I wanted was for her to acknowledge my feelings so we could move on. I can always forgive and forget if I care about someone. Only time will tell where our relationship will go. I know that I am only interested in moving forward in a positive way and don't want to continue to bring up the past over and over."

Look if you almost vomited while reading this drivel, you are not alone. I literally cannot with Kyle anymore. I don't know if she's too dumb to put the pieces together or she literally is rehashing this again and again because she is that desperate for some attention. Kyle also comments that she believes Lisa is using Carlton. Kyle doesn't get that being polite to someone you work with and considering them an acquaintance is called MANNERS. 

The bottom line is this, Split From Sanity Richards – the rumors look true because you are protesting too too much. And one other thing – is Lisa made of solid gold because these trifling ladies are desperate, desperate, desperate to be her friend. It's almost disturbing! 

[Photo Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo]


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