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Vicki Gunvalson Slams Kelly For Discussing Their Feud With Her 11-Year-Old Daughter; Thinks Kelly Is “Overacting To Create Sympathy And Drama”

Love her or hate her, Vicki Gunvalson is the “OG of the OC” for a reason. This woman always as an interesting story line on Real Housewives of Orange County. During the last episode, she had two. She is and has always pulled her weight on this show.

Yes, she’s been extremely polarizing, but overall she’s given the longtime viewers so much enjoyment. She still has no idea why she offended Kelly Dodd so much even though she set up Kelly’s ex Michael Dodd with one of her close friends, went on several double dates with them, and purposely kept it a secret from Kelly.

Tamra Judge Is On Kelly Dodd’s Fight In Argument With Vicki Gunvalson

For two seasons of Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly Dodd was the only Housewife who was loyal to Vicki Gunvalson. After Vicki hugged it out with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador during the last reunion, she forgot about her friendship with Kelly. Or at least that’s how it comes across.

Vicki introduced Kelly’s ex-husband Michael Dodd to one of her friends, went on double dates with them, and she purposely hid it from Kelly. Of course, Kelly is upset with her. Vicki still doesn’t get why, but pretty much everyone is #TeamKelly on this one- even Tamra.

Tamra, Shannon, & Vicki bond in Mexico

Last night’s Real Housewives Of Orange County redefined naked wasted. It was the Golden Girls meets The Hangover and Tamra Judge baptized herself in tequila and got a broken foot for her sins.

I apologize in advance if this recap makes no sense – I guzzled two glasses of wine to cope with the second-hand embarrassment of all the shenanigans and now I feel like Tamra in a hot tub at 2 am: completely lacking in judgement and doing slip and sad reminiscent of an 80’s rock video back when MTV and Tamra were young and their misbehavior funny.

It’s always nice when the RHOC take us out of the church to remind us that no Housewife, no matter how much she protests, can ever truly turn her back on her satanic impulses. Where there be tequila, there be whoop it up and a turn to temptation that delivers Tamra straight back to evil. There’s a certain relief in such consistency, but I applaud Tamra for trying to pretend she wants to do the right thing (no I don’t. I’m over her fake Christian routine, although I am glad she has Eddie whom she seems to sincerely love and cherish.) 

New Real Housewives Of Orange County Tonight: Vicki, Tamra, & Shannon Party In Mexico

Remember when Real Housewives of Orange County cast members used to vacation in Mexico every single season? Those were the best episodes. And then the show took a dark turn and most of the cast members didn’t even acknowledge each other at all last season.

It looks like the show is about to be restored to its former glory since Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, and Shannon Beador are finally on good terms again. And you know what that means: turning up at Andales. Hopefully no one wets the bed this time though- cough, cough Vicki.

Jim Bellino Is Suing Tamra Judge & Shannon Beador For $1 Million; Said He Has “Physical And Psychological Ailments” From Comments They Made About Him On A Podcast

Divorce is tough enough. Divorcing in the spotlight has to be even more difficult. Not that Jim Bellino is actually “in the spotlight” these days, but he has made some recent headlines since he and former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Alexis Bellino announced their divorce last month.

Of course fans of the reality TV franchise were curious so it did make some headlines. Not only that, but Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 just started back up again, so the current cast members are doing plenty of interviews to promote the new episodes. Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador were asked about the divorce during one podcast and Jim cannot get past it. In fact, he wants them to pay up for the distress they’ve (allegedly) cost him. How much does it cost to talk shit these days? Jim is asking for $1 million.

Did Vicki betray Kelly?

After a somewhat boring Season 13 premiere episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, we can all thank Vicki Gunvalson for providing us with some drama during the second episode. Almost every plot line came back to Vicki. That’s what makes her the “OG of the OC.”

She interrupted Tamra Judge’s lunch with Eddie Judge to beg Eddie for forgiveness after spreading rumors about his sexuality. Kelly Dodd flipped out when she found out that Vicki and her man Steve Lodge have been double dating with her (very recent) ex-husband Michael Dodd without telling her. And then at the end of the episode, Shannon Beador invited Vicki to turn up in Mexico for old time’s sake.

Shannon Beador Says David Wants Her To Lose His Last Name; David Beador Hits Back At

Shannon Beador has endured a lot since joining The Real Housewives of Orange County. She put her troubled marriage out there for the world to see and tried very hard to salvage the relationship. I will admit to being annoyed at the beating to death of THE AFFAIR and the counseling and the on and on about David Beador’s cheating. That said, I am happy to see Shannon getting her groove back and moving on with her life.

Shannon sat down with The Daily Dish podcast this week to chat about her divorce, the current status of her relationship with David and more. In the interview, she reveals that David has asked her to drop his last name. She also talked about the grieving process she went through after their separation. David wasn’t too happy and had a few things to say to the press about Shannon dishing on their lives.

Kelly Dodd Said Vicki Gunvalson Was “Full Of Sh*t” When She Apologized To Eddie Judge

For most of her time on Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly Dodd has been a pretty polarizing character. Nevertheless, most viewers can’t help being on her side after watching the last episode.

Her “friend” Vicki Gunvalson introduced a woman to Kelly’s (very recent) ex-husband Michael Dodd and went on double dates with the duo without telling Kelly. Who does that? Of course, Michael was going to end up dating someone, but why is Vicki hanging out with them and keeping it from Kelly? SHADY.