Tipsy Real Housewives Antics That Made Us Laugh

Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

These days, many Real Housewives are noticing that their drinking habits have been over the top. Therefore, several have entered into sobriety, which we’ve loved watching on Bravo. On the flip side, it’s also been fun to watch these stars who have known their limits, giving us comedy gold, not felon vibes. In honor of Erika Jayne‘s hysterical moments in Barcelona, these are the other Real Housewives whose tipsy antics have made us chuckle.

Meredith Marks’ Drunken British Accent


During Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4, a slightly inebriated Meredith Marks confronted Angie Katsanevas at dinner. While angrily telling Angie that she “can leave” their table, Meredith’s voice randomly slipped into multiple British accents. We couldn’t help but laugh at home, because this is the type of drunken fighting that makes Real Housewives fun.

Teresa Giudice’s Bachelorette Shower


Teresa Giudice‘s costars on Real Housewives of New Jersey attended her bachelorette party in Season 13, and zero tables were flipped. Instead, these girls invited the locales to join them in a chugging contest. Watching fans of this series drink alongside this often volatile cast showed us all a fun, lighter side to these ladies. We need more unifying scenes on this series, where the liquor results in comedy, not fights.

Melissa Gorga’s DGAF Drunken Honesty


When Melissa Gorga entered back into the workforce with the opening of her shop on RHONJ, her husband Joe Gorga belittled her income, basically calling it crumbs to his cake. So when tipsy in Season 9, Melissa’s drunken honesty saw her yelling “f*ck your crumbs” to Joe, who thankfully laughed. Melissa also grabbed Teresa’s chest, a cake was thrown, and everyone enjoyed their night. We loved this scene, where the tipsy Real Housewives came together, and their antics were light.

When Luann de Lesseps Met the Bushes


When the OG cast of Real Housewives of New York traveled to Mexico in Season 9, the liquor was flowing. After a conversation on the steps leading into their house, a tipsy Luann de Lesseps took one step up, and then one step over, landing directly into the bushes. This moment has been reenacted and shared online so many times, we’ve lost count. Even Luann laughed, making this one of the funnier drunken moments seen on this series.

The Tres Amigas Ringtone Dance


Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador, and Tamra Judge are the Tres Amigas on Real Housewives of Orange County. Well, they were, since this once unbreakable friends group is now DOA, yet, prior to this, these ladies really knew how to “whoop it up.” One of our favorite scenes of theirs was when they were all slightly drunk and a cell phone rang, causing them to dance and laugh, as Vicki forgot how to accept an incoming call. We died, and now, we miss these types of fun antics from the Tres Amigas.

Girls Gone Ojaild

The Real HouseMATES of NY/Instagram

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 was one of the greatest seasons for this series, as the laughter far outweighed the drama on this cast. One of our favorite moments with these ladies though was when they traveled to Ojai. Here, a drunken night out ended with a gymnastics and arm-wrestling contest in one of the ladies bedrooms, and it was the opposite of ladylike. We loved every bit of these RHOBH stars in this scene.

Kenya Moore at a Slumber Party


Shereé Whitfield hosted a slumber party during Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 14, but it was drunk Kenya Moore who was the real star of this event. While others fought, Kenya took jabs on the chin, laughing and saying that she was “the moment,” before running all over the house, giggling. We love fun Kenya, and we also think that her silly tipsy moves saved this scene on RHOA.

The Barcelona Dinner of our Dreams


This is probably our favorite moment on this entire list. A tipsy and happy Erika is our favorite, which she was both of during the recent cast trip to Barcelona. At a dinner hosted by Sutton Stracke, which included Sutton’s aristocratic friends, Erika interrupted a sweet conversation about Merce Cunningham. Merce was a friend of Sutton’s who had passed away, and Sutton was in pocession of his ashes, which were sealed up nearby.

“Look, can I say something? I know you love Merce, but Merce was in a Ziploc bag,” Erika said. At this point, the other ladies began raising their eyebrows, while also attempting to hide their laughter. In addition, Erika shocked everyone with her wealth of knowledge, which included facts on Beirut and even architecture.

This caused Dorit Kemsley to state, “It’s like watching drunk Rain Man.” We basically laughed all throughout this entire dinner. Truly, Erika’s tipsy statements helped to bring lightness to what could have been a very somber dinner, and on this, we were grateful.