The Most Emotional Moments on Real Housewives

Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

The ladies of the Real Housewives franchise have been delivering the ick, the laughter, and the shade since 2006. Sometimes, they’ve even made us cry. We all know that real life is sticky and messy. Therefore, as these personalities have to “mention it all” on Bravo, we’ve seen several heart-wrenching storylines unfold.

With that in mind, grab a casserole from Vicki Gunvalson and settle in, as we are relieving some of the most emotional moments found thus far on the Real Housewives series.

RHOA – When Kenya’s Dog Was Killed


When Kenya Moore’s sweet dog Velvet was attacked and killed, we wept. Pets are family, and losing one is never easy. On Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya explained that Velvet had been attacked by her neighbor’s dog. Through her tears, she expressed to her Aunt Lori the details, and later, her costars, while we sat, pulling our own pets in close.

“It happened so fast. I let her outside and then I heard her screaming. I ran outside. She was on the other side of the gate. The dog had her in its mouth, dangling her,” Kenya sobbed.

Kenya rushed Velvet to the nearby veterinary hospital, but it was too late. “She was looking at me; I told her not to leave me. I could just see her letting go,” she ended, which ended us in return. This was definitely an emotional, tragically relatable Real Housewives moment.

RHONY – Bethenny and Jill’s Talk at Bobby’s Funeral


Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin were the best of friends at one point on Real Housewives of New York. Then, their friendship fell apart, as happens in life. However, when Bobby Zarin was laid to rest following his battle with cancer, Bethenny showed up for her once-close friend Jill.

With Bravo’s camera’s rolling, Bethenny approached Jill after the service. In a solemn voice, Jill told Bethenny that Bobby had always loved her. We lost it here. Nothing makes you realize how short life is, and how dumb 99.9% of our problems truly are, like death, so this emotional Real Housewives moment hit us right in the real-life gut.

RHOP – Karen’s Self-Defense Class Scene


On Real Housewives of Potomac, Grande Dame Karen Huger revealed that she was a victim of a past assault. Therefore, right before her daughter Rayvin Huger left her home for college, Karen took her girl to a self defense class. Basically, Karen needed to know that Rayvin would be able to remain safe, while living in a world that doesn’t always protect women.

All throughout, this typically comedic Real Housewives star showed us her heightened fears as a parent, making this a truly raw, emotional storyline.

RHOC – When Vicki Lost Her Mom


Vicki learned about her mother’s sudden passing while the cameras were rolling for Real Housewives of Orange County. The ladies were all together when the phone call came in, but when her landline rang, Vicki walked away to take this call. When she heard the news on the other end of the line, she fell to the floor, completely devastated.

“How could she die on us?” Vicki cried, right before Shannon Beador entered the kitchen, where Vicki now stood in shambles. Shannon held up her noodle-like friend as the other ladies ran in. Vicki then screamed and yelled and felt all of the things, while we at home agreed on one aspect; while unfortunately relatable, this scene was almost too emotional for a Real Housewives episode.

RHOBH – The Aftermath of Taylor’s Husband’s Death

Behind The Velvet Rope Podcast/YouTube

Taylor Armstrong’s late husband, Russell Armstrong, died by suicide at the age of 47 years old. Prior to his passing, Taylor had filed for a divorce, after being married to the man for six years. Financially speaking, Russell was struggling, and they never seemed happy when together.

After his passing, Taylor discussed the physical abuse that she endured in their marriage. Not a single dry eye was seen amongst the cast on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This emotional storyline was heart wrenching on multiple levels. For Taylor, we wish for her a lifetime filled with peace and love.

RHONJ – When Teresa Came Home


After spending just shy of a year in federal prison for fraud, Teresa Giudice finally came home. Her reunion with her family was filmed for Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7, as Teresa is an OG of this cast, and this was clearly a major storyline for her series. As soon as she walked inside, after petting her dog who was in their garage, Teresa began to sob. “Girls, I’m home,” she yelled, while little screams and running feet could be heard in response.

Everyone cried. They stayed locked in a tight embrace for a long, long time. It was emotional, and we applaud Teresa’s girls for their strengths shown at such young ages.

RHOM – Guerdy and Martina’s Cancer Triumphs

Julia Lemigova/Instagram

Martina Navratilova is more than just a tennis legend. She’s also a cancer survivor. Her diagnosis was shown on Real Housewives of Miami, as was her proceeding F*ck Cancer party, once she had successfully kicked cancer’s ass. During this celebration, her wife, Julia Lemigova, learned how to sing opera for her love, and even though she was a bit…pitchy, we couldn’t help but tear-up, as their love for each other was apparent.

Sadly, Guerdy Abraira’s equally devastating cancer diagnosis followed. Thankfully, just like Martina, Guerdy inspired us all by battling this monstrous disease head-on, and is now living on the other side of fear, with a remission status in hand. That said, with things like this, we know that the fear will never truly leave these women, as cancer changes you from the inside out. Even still, we are thankful for their second chances at life, and for them, and anyone else facing this long, horrific battle, we send you our deepest levels of love and support.

F*ck cancer.