RHOC’s Vicki Gunvalson Defends Brooks Again! Plus, Gretchen Loves Slade Now More Than Ever!

If you were watching last week’s Real Housewives of Orange County, you know there was an quite the jaw dropping scene, and I’m not talking about Alexis Bellino’s birthday speech.  Vicki Gunvalson and newlywed daughter Briana Culberson got into quite the war of words regarding Vicki’s new beau Brooks Ayers and Briana’s new husband Ryan…you know, the guy who took Vicki’s one and only daughter to a drive-thru wedding chapel.  She just can’t get over that, can she?  Briana even goes as far as saying that her mother was having an emotional affair with Brooks while still married to Donn.  Vicki discusses the fight in this week’s Bravo blog:

When I was in Briana’s condo having this terribly heated discussion with her, I knew no matter what I said, I wasn’t going to convince her to accept Brooks and I dating. For that matter, no matter what she said was not going to convince me that marrying Ryan so quickly was the best decision either. I believe no matter who I was dating, she would have reacted the same way. It wasn’t Brooks in particular; it was me dating in general.

What you didn’t see is I left her home in tears, and just sat in the street and prayed, cried, and prayed some more. I realized it was not the end of the world if my daughter does not like the man I am dating.


Two things come to my mind.  First, I don’t think that Briana is upset that her mom is dating again in general.  Donn will always be her father figure, and the pair will always be tight.  I think she also wants nothing more than to see her mom be happy, Briana’s just concerned that Vicki may not see the forest for the trees with Brooks.  Second, Vicki is right…it’s not the end of the world if Briana doesn’t warm up to Brooks, so Vicki should stop forcing it.  Vicki goes on to explain that what dating means to her and why Brooks is featured so much on the show.

I say dating — because Brooks and I are “dating.” We are not living together. We are taking our relationship slow. We enjoy spending time together. We haven’t commingled any finances (nor do I ever plan to), and I sure the heck am not ready for marriage or even an engagement. I’m taking the relationship for what it is, which is two grown people who love and respect each other. I’m dating Brooks because he makes me extremely happy, doesn’t lie to me, and is treating me with the respect and love that I deserve. That’s it.

I know Brooks more than most, and what I see is an amazing man that has gotten a bad “rap”. I challenge any of you that have the urge to write a bad blog comment about him, Briana, or myself to refrain. I ask that you see my side in this situation, and just have some compassion for me as well as Brooks. It’s very difficult for Brooks to be constantly “on trial” about him, without really having full knowledge of HIS side of the story. Put yourself in his shoes. Here are the facts: He didn’t sign up for this show. He appeared with me because I asked him to. I wanted to show the “world” that you can be happy and find a true partner and soul mate at this age.

Vicki sums up her verbose entry by discussing how lovely Briana and Ryan’s (second) wedding was, and how much she enjoyed seeing her daughter so happy.  She reveals:

Brooks was in attendance, and so was Donn with his girlfriend. It was a bit uncomfortable at first having them meet, but at the end of the day it was for Briana and Ryan. Donn and Brooks shook hands, and both were very respectful of each other.

Of course, Vicki isn’t the only one blowing up the Bravo blogosphere.  Gretchen Rossi reveals that watching Slade Smiley try to haggle his way into a cubic zirconia only made her love him more.  In a post aptly titled Prince Smarmy, oh wait, my bad–Prince Charming, Gretchen professes her adoration for the hardest working man she knows.  Sure, we’ll go with that.

I’ve had the big diamonds, big houses, fancy cars, etc. Of course, I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy that lifestyle, but I have definitely learned that lifestyle isn’t ultimately what make me happy. What makes me truly happy is that I have a man who loves and adores me, protects me, builds me up when I am down, is the calm in my storm, and makes me feel like the most important person in the world every second of the day. Our love is the kind of love I have dreamed of having since I was a little girl. It’s the kind of love I have prayed for my whole life; a love that fulfilled me emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. God finally answered my prayers when he gave me Slade.

Now, I’m sure all your jaws dropped when Slade asked Gabe at Newport Jewelers if he could get a CZ stone until he could afford the real thing, but the truth is once I thought about it I realized it was very sweet and showed his vulnerability. He wants to get me a beautiful ring, but knows he just can’t right now. That is hard on a man’s ego no matter what way you slice it. I’m so proud of the fact that he is not just pretending to be someone he is not; it’s a very brave thing to admit on national television. Slade is working so hard right now to get out of debt and working multiple jobs to do so. He is one of the hardest working men I have ever known, despite what the other woman think they know about his life and job situation.

Gretchen admits that she’s still not ready to wed Slade, but she insists that it isn’t because she doesn’t want to…he just needs to get his debt under control.  Smart girl!

I am very excited about the next stage of my life with Slade. He is going to make an amazing father to our children — just like my father has been to me! Was it just me or did Slade and my father remind you of each other in last week’s episode? Weird! My parents really do adore Slade and they are excited about the thought of little ones soon as well!

On tonight’s episode, Scream Therapy, Vicki tearfully shares her fight with Briana with Brooks.  He totally understands where Briana is coming from with her emotions, as she doesn’t really know him.  Heather Dubrow catches up with a fellow actress pal, and she says she wants to take Terry’s last name of “Dubrow,” as apparently her legal last name is Kent.  Gretchen hopes that therapy will be good for her and Slade as they continue to have issues with his child support.   You think?

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