The ladies of Real Housewives of Orange County may be on a break from filming but there’s drama in paradise! On last week’s episode Tamra Barney was seen telling fiance Eddie Judge that she was bitter about BFF Vicki Gunvalson blowing her off for love tank filler, Brooks Ayers.

Apparently Vicki can’t handle the truth – as usual – because she took to her Bravo blog to rip Tamra to shreds AND accuse her of spreading rumors about Mr. Hallmark. Tamra and Vicki have been close friends for years and even recently went into business together with Wines by Wives. Unfortunately ever since Tamra became friends with Gretchen Rossi and Brooks came into the picture their relationship has been strained. And now it looks like it’s over!

In her Bravo Blog, Vicki accuses Tamra of Slade Smiley-ing on Brooks aka spreading negative stories about him everywhere! And drawing attention to his child support issues (just like she’s been doing to Slade for the past few seasons)!


“I am also happy for Tamra that she is engaged to Eddie. I wonder, though, how she would feel if she had to listen to negative comments about Eddie as I have about Brooks. It gets tiring hearing about it, and it’s getting to the point I don’t want to read anything on the internet about him,” Vicki begins.

Tamra started most of the negative comments, which was uncalled for and downright mean. I will always have a very hard time forgiving her or for that matter and understanding why she started all this back-stabbing. I never asked her to ‘watch out for me.’ I never asked her to ‘protect me.’ And I never asked for her ‘approval’ on who I am dating, just as she didn’t ask my approval about Eddie. I would NEVER speak about Eddie the way that she did about Brooks.” Wowzers!

“I have a lot to say about Tamra — but I think I may hold that for my new book I am writing. . .I’ll have to think about that,” she concludes. Outrageous. It’s like a soap opera come to life. <<gleeful laugh!>>

Well, I CANNOT wait to read this new book – dishy – however, I find this a bit hypocritical given how Vicki treated Tamra‘s marriage to Simon Barney – and how much she complained about Simon! Botox meet Restylane.

Well, Tamra is Tamra – and she is not taking these accusations sitting down. Tamra immediately took to Twitter and got in contact with Starcasm to set the record straight about her involvement in the negative publicity surrounding Brooks.

“Stories of him were out there before I knew who he was,” Tamra tells Starcasm. “I’m not responsible for him not paying his child support and being arrested several times. That was out there on the internet.” True, true! “Brooks is responsible for the negative stories in the press. Not me, Gretchen, Briana, or Bravo,” she adds.

Furthermore, Tamra states the obvious – if Vicki doesn’t want everyone talking about how her boyfriend is a broke, deadbeat loser – she should have higher standards! “If Eddie had a history like Brooks you bet she would try to protect me as a friend. Truth is Eddie is a great guy! Vicki had no problem going after Slade and Jim [Bellino] in the past. Why is Brooks off limits?” Once again – true, true!

Well, that’s not the only hot water Vicki has found herself in. Hot on the heels of pissing of Tamra royally, someone got in touch with RumorFix and informed them that following the Costa Mexico intervention Vicki plotted to get new bestie Alexis Bellino fired!

“When the girls were in Costa Rica, Vicki acted like she had Alexis’ back even though she said on camera ‘I’m not going to get involved, yada yada yada I have more money than you yada yada bullsh*t,” Tamra a source reveals.

“But after she got back from consoling Alexis (when Alexis ran off to her room crying) and the cameras were gone, Vicki tried to get all the ladies to write a letter to the heads of Bravo to get Alexis fired,” the source accuses.

It seems while Vicki acted all appalled by the intervention – once the camera turned off, so too did her sympathy. And Vicki agreed with everyone’s consensus that Alexis is materialistic and phony! “Claiming that Alexis is not a team player, that she only shows the cameras the good stuff when we all know what she is really like, and why should Alexis get to go home after two days when we all have to stay for five?” Vicki tweeted that all the ladies wanted to leave after two days, btw!

Following Alexis’ early departure, Vicki allegedly decided she was not going to allow Lex to get preferential treatment. “The next day she told all the ladies she was up all night writing a letter about why Alexis should be fired and again encouraged us to do the same. No one but Vicki ended up writing a letter,” the source recalls.

“She keeps saying she was the only one that had Alexis’ back … more like a knife in her back!” WOW! Where is this letter – I need to see it like worse than I need a lifetime supply of free Starbucks.

Vicki is, of course, denying any such thing. “OMG this 100% false!  Absolutely not. I love Alexis.” Vicki insisted. “This is a lie! I never wrote a letter, never said anything of the sorts, nor would I.”

Well, Tamra and Gretchen beg to differ! “I can confirm that is 100% true and so can@GretchenRossi and everyone else that was there,” Tamra claimed on Twitter, co-signing that the cameras were not there to capture the moment. Why are they never there for the good stuff? “Obviously someone has nothing to do in their day than to make up S**. I was there 2,” an enraged Vicki tweeted.

And taking a cue from Gretchen, Tamra calls Vicki out on playing the victim by insisting Vicki’s blog is “her opinion. Victim!”

Apparently Tamra is lamenting the day she ever became friends with Vicki. “i tried to look past it. stupid me,” she wrote. And when asked if she and Vicki will rekindle things, all signs point to doubtful.

Well, this is going to be tricky considering they have a business venture together! Oh dear…never mix business with pleasure. And never mix friendship with reality TV!

Vicki wasted no time mourning the loss of her Tamra and she moved right on to attending Patti Stanger‘s birthday party with Alexis, while Tamra and Gretchen headed to a film premiere.

Well, this makes me sad. I always believed Vicki and Tamra were truly friends – on camera and off. Tamretchen just isn’t as good as Tamricki. Also, Vilexis bores me and seems as phony as Tamretchen. Sadly, I believe Vicki’s relationship with Brooks seems unhealthy and clearly she is alienating those close to her in order to appease him and fill her love tank. Either that or she is too desperate for words.

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