Hey y'all! It's time for your daily Teresa Giudice round-up! So in today's exhaustive report we'll discuss how Teresa is possibly getting a spinoff, how she never yanked Melissa Gorga's arm at a children's birthday party, and how she had a breakdown following the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. We've also got some EXCLUSIVES from our source on Teresa's possible spinoff and her brother-in-law, who seems like quite the scandalmonger. 

Oh – and Jacqueline Laurita is all on the tweeter again (I swear she's the internet's number one twit) responding to Teresa's accusations on Anderson Live yesterday. If you recall, Teresa accused Jacqueline of sending her harassing texts and mentioned she wanted to go to the cops because it gave her chills. Well if Teresa can go to the cops, Jacqueline can too! So HA! 

So let's get the daily RHONJ nightmare started. 



So first up, Teresa is defending herself against Melissa's accusations – well through a friend, at least. If you recall, last year Melissa attended a birthday party for Gia and Milania where everyone who lives in the state of NJ was coming out of the woodwork to insist the two sisters-in-law had a fight. Both ladies denied it vehemently. Until Melissa's recent appearance on Us Weekly where she needed some attention or something and claimed Teresa twisted her arm at the event and called her fake

Elvira Grauwhom we all remember as Teresa's hellish S2 party planner, also threw that birthday party (and apparently owns the venue where the party took place) and she is insisting Teresa never touched Melissa.  “Teresa never laid a hand on Melissa,” she tells RumorFix

“I promise you that if — in fact — there was an altercation, with so many people present, this would have surfaced sooner than now.” Apparently there was some tit-for-tat over Christmas presents though. That is not this family's holiday, is it?

“The truth is that Melissa is trying to paint Teresa as this horrible villain that twists wrists and that’s simply not the truth. Teresa is hurting right now because of all this family drama," Elvira says in defense of her friend.

"It’s killing her parents! She didn’t want to be on the show with her family because she always knew Melissa would stoop this low. It’s so sad. Her nightmares came true. Melissa’s insecurity gets the best of her, unfortunately." 

"I wish America saw the true Teresa," Elvira adds. 


Next, Teresa paid a visit to In Touch Weekly – her home away from marble foreclosure home – to talk the reunion. Can't these women do Facebook instead of tabloids like normal people?

Anyway, Teresa says the reunion was so stressful it caused her to have a breakdown. THAT I completely believe! “I said to myself I wasn’t going to get upset, but I couldn’t help it,” Teresa reveals. “After the taping was done, I broke down. I started crying, and I couldn’t stop.”

And speaking of roughing people up, Teresa accuses MELISSA of trying to fight her during the reunion! Oh goodness… “Melissa grabbed my arms like she wanted to fight me,” she says. “I told her to get the hell off me.”

Teresa says since the fashion show – and now the reunion – she is falling apart and yearns for emotional support. It has been a really tough year for Teresa, that I'll agree with. “I need help,” she admits. “Everyone is against me and ganging up on me.”

Teresa continues to maintain her innocence over the set-up that wasn't really a set-up at the Posche Fashion Show, insisting her hands are clean.  “I know in my heart I did nothing. I feel like I’m making myself sick over this.”

Teresa says that this last year has made her seriously reconsider the cost of fame and led her to crying fits over her family stress – especially her fractured relationship with Poison Gorga

“We’ve never gone without speaking until we were on a reality show together. This is exactly what I didn’t want. It’s heartbreaking,” Teresa says. "I can't take it anymore." 

Very, very sad. 


Next, there have been rumors abound that a Giudice family spinoff is in the works and Teresa will be hightailing it out of the cesspool that is RHONJ. Teresa has denied any notions of a family-centric spinoff, claiming she wants a cooking show instead. Personally, I think she would be great at that. And I would watch. 

RadarOnline reports, "All the drama and crazy things that Teresa and Joe [Giudice] have done is what makes them perfect candidates for their own breakout show," a source close to the family reveals. 

Apparently Bravo recognizes that they have exhausted the family feuding and everyone hates Teresa storyline that has dominated the last two seasons of RHONJ, but they don't want to let one of their biggest stars go to waste. "People are starting to bore with the same old cat fights every episode so they need to change it up," the source shares. 

And apparently the Juicys are actively in talks to sign on for a show that features the whole Juicy fambly! "They're in talks right now and the show would include the whole Giudice side of the family, which would explain why we saw more of Joe's brother Pete [Giudice] and his wife Sheila in last Housewives season."

There's only one possible obstruction in the plan – Juicy's impending trial! "With Joe's possible jail time they're trying to iron out how this show would work, but they're definitely pushing forward on it." 

Although Teresa isn't interested in a family show, she is willing to do it anyway for the money. "Those Giudices will do anything to earn a dollar!!!"

Of course, the Joe Juicys aren't the only family drama-starters. As viewers saw on the season finale, Pete likes to get wrapped up in the chaos – and is just as scandalous – as well! Our source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Pete is causing problems all over town related to RHONJ. 

"Ok, first of all…Melissa made the a comment in her blog calling Pete 'Joe's long lost brother.' That is an accurate statement if you know them. Sheila and Pete were NEVER at anything to support Teresa…and Sheila and Teresa had a non existent relationship. All of a sudden, Pete and Sheila show up at Posche? People were saying something must be up, why would Pete be here."

"Pete has always said he has photos of Melissa and Joe having sex in the pool when they met in Cancun. Pete loves to gossip and cause problems. He talks openly about these photos and that he would sell them for the right price," our source shares.  

"The funny thing, he has so many skeletons in his closet he shouldn't speak..," our source adds. "Pete attended court ordered anger management and doesn't have a pretty record with the law. That being said Pete is a huge hot head."

Pete has other things in common with his brother Juicy – Pete has also filed for bankruptcy

As for Pete and Sheila's connection to Posche Fashion Show, apparently they are close friends with John and Penny who owned the salon where all the drama with Angelo Vrohidis started! 

"[Pete] denies that he and Sheila were friends with Penny and John. Meanwhile, the Twitter pics tell a different story." Apparently the Juicy's "used" Penny and John to expose Melissa! "They used them…at the time they were all SO thrilled Melissa's past was going to come up they wanted to be friends with Penny and John. "

"Sheila's children called Penny and John 'Aunt and Uncle'. Now, they claim they were never friends. I have pics to prove their friendship. They even spent Valentine's Day 2012 together. Penny was home sick and Sheila sent her home a care package with John."

Well – that's scandalous! 


Finally, it seems things are not improving for Bravo's most contested Housewife; after a disastrous appearance on Anderson Live yesterday the reality star returns to the show today to defend herself. And after she made accusations that Jacqueline was sending her harassing texts, Jacqueline did what she does best and hopped on twitter to discuss the situation. 

Jacqueline released some of the text messages she's apparently saved for a thousand years to prove that while she definitely spends WAY way too much time on the iPhone, she isn't being mean. 

Are these threatening she wants to know?















But then things took a turn for the nasty: 
















"Oh,ok, maybe this one when I heard she was bashing me2some1 trying2 help my child!," Jacqueline accuses. 

And Jacqueline is reminding Teresa that two can play this came! "Teresa shouldn't go on TV to say I'm threatening her unless she wants a defamation suit against her. I've tried2get her to stop& she doesn't," Jacqueline retaliated on twitter. 






"I am REALLY looking forward for this 3 part reunion to be over. Really. It's been very stressful 2 rehash this all," Jac added. Three parts? My heart just sank… 

Well, that's it! I'm sure by this afternoon there will be more news on Teresa's shenanigans. We'll post a video clip of her second appearance on Anderson Live once it's available. 


Photo Credit: In Touch & Twitter