REPORT: Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 Casting Rumors! Guess Who’s Getting Axed?

Oh good lord – it's as if the reality TV gods realized all had been quiet on the Real Housewives of New Jersey front because now comes swirling rumors of a casting shakeup. 

Now bear in mind these rumors come from RadarWrong-line so they may or may not be true, but here comes an exclusive report detailing who's in and who's out for season 5. 

The most surprising news regards Teresa Giudice. Now regardless of whether you like Teresa or not Bravo knows she brings ratings and controversy – she's basically been the plot and main character of this show for two seasons now. Apparently Joe Giudice's legal problems have become the make or break item that determines if Teresa will return – or if she'll be getting a spinoff!


“Bravo has declared that if her husband, Joe, gets jail time they want Teresa to have her own show,” Radar reveals. Teresa has said numerous times she's uninterested in her own reality show, hoping instead for a cooking show. However if Juicy lands himself in the slammer that may change!

Also making a return is the infamous Kim D. She'll be appearing as a "Friend of the Housewives" for season five, but not as an official castmember. 

As for the other ladies, it seems rumors of Kathy Wakile being cut may be true. And where there's no smoke, there's firings!

Also reportedly leaving is Caroline Manzo. I can see Caroline leaving on her own accord as she's seemed over the show for the past two seasons and was mostly phoning it so her childrens' businesses could get promotion. 

With two ladies leaving and after two seasons of it being everyone vs. Teresa, Bravo has finally decided to do their ratings magnet a solid. They're adding two or three new girls to the show – all of them likely "Team Teresa." My guess is Teresa started refusing to come back without concessions. 

The first contender is Teresa's makeup artist (who is not a housewife), Priscilla DiStasio. There's been multiple rumors that Teresa has been campaigning to get her on the show and perhaps it finally worked out. 

Also rumored to be landing on the cast list is a friend of Kim D's and a real estate agent named Noelle Brescia. Given that Noelle is friends with Kim and a frequenter of Posche, it seems she'll be Team Teresa as well.

The final name being bandied about is Gia Casey. Gia is married to DJ Envy, of a NYC DJ and has been a long-time rumored contender for the show. She attended last year's Posche Fashion Show. She's also a friend of Teresa's.

And crazily enough there is another report that Danielle Staub will be returning to RHONJ! "Bravo has offered Danielle a contract,” In Touch Weekly claims. “Danielle is contemplating whether this will be full-time or part-time.”

A source says Danielle is already on board and will be "filming several episodes." 

“The producers squeezed all the juice they could from the Giudices-versus-Gorgas story line and had to think of a fresh outlet for drama,” the source adds, as if two seasons of Danielle drama wasn't enough. “Having her back on will ruffle a lot of feathers!” Particularly because Danielle and Teresa seem to have come to some sort of a truce! 

So this should all be very interesting. No word if any friends of Jacqueline Laurita or Melissa Gorga are joining the cast! 

And I guess we'll know soon enough, because according to Gia's Tumblr Season five started filming this week! 

In Touch seconds that notion, claiming producers wanted to capture Melissa and Teresa rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy. Both families had their shore houses damaged in the storm. The families are reportedly still at odds, despite Mr. Gorga Sr's recent hospitalization and the recent storm. 

And in other RHONJ, the annual Gorgadice Christmas Card photo feud has begun. Teresa and Melissa have been tweeting about getting their proofs back. Both ladies returned to Portraits by Linda Marie to terrorize her and try to one-up each other on the over-the-top, outlandish themed photos. We so cannot wait to see these!

And when are they going to send Reality Tea a Christmas Card??

[Photo Credit: Priscilla DiStasio’s Twitter]