Brandi Glanville To Undergo Surgery To Remove Tumor From Her Breast; Plus Adrienne Maloof Suing Brandi Over Pregnancy Drama?

Brandi Glanville has had a difficult few months. Around Thanksgiving she was hospitalized for an infection in her breast where a lump was discovered. Although the tumor is benign, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hill star recently revealed she will undergo surgery to remove it. 

"I am having surgery this week and am relieved it’s going to be over with,” the 40-year-old tells In Touch Weekly. "It's a blessing the tumor is non-cancerous.”

“I'm anxious about the recovery but have great friends who will be playing nurse," Brandi adds “I'm ready to get it over with and feel better."

Brandi was ill for months before finally realizing what was wrong. In addition she is dealing with stress surrounding her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his new wife LeAnn Rimes. I'm sure you're all aware that last night LeAnn did a disastrous tell-all sit down with Giuliana Rancic in which she defended her affair and expected sympathy from the public for her actions. 


As a result of LeAnn's latest delusional antics, Brandi revealed on twitter that pre-order sales for her upcoming memoir got a major boost! 

In other news, Brandi has been feuding with co-star Adrienne Maloof and Adrienne reportedly filed a suit against Brandi for something that happened during filming. While all parties have kept mum about what led to the action, a source shared with WetPaint that it was over accusations Brandi made about Adrienne's pregnancies

Apparently it is a well-known secret in the BH that Adrienne and Paul Nassif used a surrogacy for their three children. The couple has twins and a third son. On last week's episode in Ojai Brandi asked the women to tell their birth stories after Yolanda Foster revealed she broke her back delivering her youngest son. Adrienne shared that she had c-sections with both labors. 

"During the party, Adrienne is overheard telling a story about the birth of one of her sons, where she suggests that it was she, herself, who delivered the child," the source says. “Brandi takes issue with it."

“And says that everyone knows Adrienne and Paul used a surrogate," the source adds. "Adrienne doesn’t hear Brandi say it, but Kim Richards does. And Kim tells Adrienne and Paul and they go nuts." 

Tonight Paul, Brandi, and Adrienne get into a huge altercation at a party and Paul calls Brandi a "bitch!" Apparently that accusation is what led Adrienne to file a lawsuit against Brandi for defamation and slander. 

“Was it the most tactful thing to say? No,” the insider explains. “But Brandi and Adrienne already had some underlying issues with each other, which were clear during the cast trip to Ojai. And as we all know, Brandi has a very knee-jerk reaction when she thinks people are lying or being fake. This was her way of reacting to something she thought Adrienne was being dishonest about."

“What’s unfair is what you’ll see later in the season, which is certain people blaming Brandi for Adrienne and Paul’s split,” the insider asserts. “Which is just ridiculous. One comment does not destroy a marriage. Obviously there was a lot more going on between Paul and Adrienne than anyone was aware of. But to blame Brandi for that one comment is silly.”

Wow – pretty scandalous and salacious stuff. I have to say, I adore Brandi for her outspoken nature, but perhaps it's time to take Lisa Vanderpump's advice and keep her comments to herself sometimes. Or at least out of the press!

Tonight we'll see things explode between Adrienne, Paul, and Brandi as they have a massive screaming fight at a social event. Lisa's husband Ken undergoes surgery. 

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs tonight on Bravo at 9/8c. Reality Tea wouldn't miss the drama for anything in this world (even a free Christmas cookie buffet) so we'll, of course, be live-tweeting Paul's break from reality into insanity land. Aka, he becomes a full-fledged Housewife! Wonder what Yolanda will have to say about all of this… 

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