Kenya Moore Accuses Phaedra Parks Of Setting Her Up During Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion!


Apparently Kenya Moore's fan is able to use its magic powers to wave away all her accountability! Just like a good little deranged Housewife!

On last Sunday's explosive Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion Kenya accused Phaedra Parks' husband of being obsessed with her and texting her all the time. Apollo Nida maintains it was Kenya who kept texting him and she was the one who was obsessed. He even accused her of propositioning him! 

Andy Cohen took a look at some of the incriminating texts and deduced it as "It doesn't look like sexting to me!" We're still waiting to see the phone so we can judge for ourselves. In the meantime we'll have to console ourselves with Kenya's musings on her Bravo blog. Miss WHO-S-A is now accusing Phaedra of setting her and Apollo up at the reunion to ruin her reputation. Didn't Kenya bring up the texts first?


"Despite the outlandish theatrics and wild accusations thrown at me during Reunion Part 3, I stand firm in my opinion that Apollo is a nice guy who happens to be in a bad situation. We’ve heard him say verbatim he’s 'married to a beast,' 'has resentment' toward his wife, and 'would like to get back to the way things used to be,'" Kenya writes. And this is from a woman who's obviously never been married – cause that's called typical marital complaints! 

This is where she gets extra krazy! Let it rip, Fanya!

"Believe me, many others including myself have fallen prey to Phaedra’s heinous manipulations. Apollo and I had initially communicated via group text and emails when collaborating on the workout video. We were amiable to one another even after the deal fell through and remained cordial. Despite his desperate outburst, neither of us acted inappropriately."

"It was just as shocking for me to hear him make accusations that I, in effect, propositioned him. So shocking that I had to laugh at just how contrived and rehearsed it was. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I’m certain Apollo was coached by Phaedra. Hence why I showed my phone with all the texts to Andy to prove my innocence and offered to pass it around for full and transparent disclosure.  Andy verified that there was no sexual content to any of the texts."

Does Kenya really expect us to believe she showed Andy the phone to prove their innocence? OK, then Krayonce – cause you showed Andy the phone to demonstrate APOLLO's guilt. And when Andy brushed it away that phone got buried under your Gone With The Wind Krayonce drapes of a dress faster than we could say "Twirl!" 

"I feel sorry that Apollo’s wife is so sadistic that she will do anything to malign, embarrass, disenfranchise, and slander me because I beat her at her own game." Interesting assessment because, to me, Apollo looks far worse than Kenya since he is a married man allegedly returning texts from another woman. I find that totally sleazy! 

And even more ridiculously, Kenya now blames Phaedra for Walter Jackson outing their fake relationship. As if her calling him gay all over Atlanta and on national TV had nothing to do with his anger towards her!

"We have seen the extreme lows of how far Phaedra is willing to stoop by what she did to NeNe [Leakes] [which has been exposed as a producer-driven set up!], me, Angela Stanton, and anyone else who dares to cross her."  

"She even went as far as to recruit my ex as a client and advised him to exploit himself by lying about the status of our relationship in staged radio interviews. The nuances of her statements give it away… 'They called him'. How would she know that had she not been directly communication with him?  Phaedra will never be the smartest woman in the room if I’m also present. She’s obsessed with trying to hurt me but she will continue to lose that battle in perpetuity."

See – I think it's the other way around, Krayonce. You are "Black Delusional Kenya." You "bit" at Phaedra's business, her marriage, and now you are trying to slander her reputation in everyway possible. Oh that was after you threatened her with physical harm and advised her to get an HIV test on national TV. Klass By Krayonce!

I don't really like Phaedra – and this season she has behaved especially horrible –  but Kenya is tragic! This "blog" is insane sounding! Kenya is blaming other people for the actions SHE chose to display on this show – that is no one's fault but her own. She's blamed Cynthia Bailey, Phaedra, and Porsha Stewart – along with Walter for "making her look bad" all season.

Girl – YOU are the one who is making YOURSELF look bad. Put the fan and the twirls and the crazy insane rants away and go get some help. Unfortunately we'll be treated to another dose of her insanity next season. If she's not gonna get on medication, I think I will! 

[Photo Credit: BravoTV]