EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Real Housewives of Orange County’s Terry Dubrow: Former Patient Accuses Him Of Botching Plastic Surgery & Insurance Fraud!

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Real Housewives of Orange County house husband Terry Dubrow may be in some hot water! Heather Dubrow is about to put him in a serious time out. No onion rings for a whole year! 

Yesterday we received exclusive information that Dr. Dubrow is being accused of performing a botched surgery on a fitness/swimsuit model to repair her belly button after she suffered an umbilical hernia. Unfortunately the surgery was not a success and in addition the victim believes Dr. Dubrow unfairly charged her insurance company for the procedure despite her dissatisfaction! 

This is not the first time Dr. Dubrow has been sued for malpractice. Before anyone gets their panties in a wad, this happens all the time with plastic surgeons when recipients are unhappy or wanted perhaps unrealistic results. Dr. Dubrow is currently board certified. 

Below is information the source exclusively shared with us: 


"During the surgery, Dr. Dubrow cut the belly button's stalk causing the model to no longer have a belly button. Her stomach is now completely flat with no belly button whatsoever.  This botched surgery caused a secondary hernia."  

The plaintiff filed a complaint against Terry for Medical Negligence, Fraud & Deceit (Intentional Concealment), and Fraud & Deceit (Negligence Misrepresentation) according to court documents obtained by Reality Tea. 

"Dr. Dubrow didn't charge the plaintiff for the second hernia surgery that he caused.  Instead, he committed fraud and charged plaintiff's insurance over $60k, for his mistake." 

The suit stipulates:

"Defendant intended to not disclose his negligence thereby inducing Plaintiff’s reliance so that she would not seek a second opinion and/or alternative treatment and discover such negligence.  Defendant further concealed his surgical error where he neglected and omitted telling the Plaintiff of his negligence."  

"Instead, Defendant only advised Plaintiff that she would not have to pay for the subsequent hernia repair surgery (excluding the operating room).  Plaintiff relied on Defendant’s representations to her detriment and did not obtain a second opinion." 

The plaintiff reportedly wants Dr. Dubrow to refund her money so she can get another surgery to have her belly button repaired, as insurance will not pay for another procedure. Dr. Dubrow is allegedly refusing to refund her money. "All she is seeking is enough money to have her belly button repaired," the source elaborates.  

As for the insurance fraud claim, the source alluded that Dr. Dubrow is "unaware" the documents have been uncovered! 

A copy of the suit. [Please credit: Reality Tea for use of this image.] 


Insurance information pertaining to the suit: (there are four pages total, we'll post the others shortly)


Ironically Tamra Barney also suffered an umbilical hernia last year and no longer has a belly button! And guess who she wants to give her a new one? Yep, that's right – Terry!

Tamra is headed to Vegas with Heather and other friends for a "pre-wedding" pool party that has everyone worried about swimsuit bodies. Particularly belly buttonless Tamra! 

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.54.59 AM

Maybe Tamra oughtta reconsider? 

Well tonight is a brand spankin' new episode of RHOC. Tonight the drama between the others and Alexis Bellino continues. Jim echoes Lydia McLaughlin's sentiments that Alexis is letting the so-called mean girls control her life! 


Tamra gets angry at Vicki Gunvalson over shirking responsibilities related to Wines By Wives. And finally Vicki confronts Brooks Ayers about where their relationship is going? Brooks' response: "You run out of money honey, I run out of time!" OK – I made up his response. 

And don't you dare forget that it airs an hour later this week, so 9pm EST! 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting all the drama, as always. Whining By Wives time! 

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