Teresa-Giudice & Melissa-Gorga

I'm starting to think every, single thing I hear concerning Real Housewives of New Jersey is a big ol' fat lie. A lie bigger than all of the cast members' combined debt (that's in the millions, if you're counting!). I also think it's gross that a day of Holy Sacrament has become yet another reality show argument. And even worse this isn't first time where RHONJ's warring families are concerned. 

Yesterday we reported that Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga's daughters made First Holy Communion on the same day but at different churches. And why did we report that? Because on Teresa's blog she stated that! Originally… 

Melissa immediately took to twitter to say that actually the Gorga and Giudice families DO attend the same church and that Antonia and Gabriella actually made their First Holy Communion together!


Teresa got slammed on twitter, as did Melissa, with the battling glitter-bombing, orange-tanned armies accusing each lady of lying! Admitting defeat, Teresa took to twitter to clarify that yes, Gabriella and Antonia made Communion together! Oh… interesting.

Teresa's original blog (posted on her website) stated: "Of course we wish we were able to go to Antonia’s just like my brother and Melissa wished they could come to Gabriella’s, but we belong to different parishes and couldn’t control the dates. What can you do?"

Explaining her 'typo' on twitter, Teresa wrote: 

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 11.33.52 AMProving the girls were in the same Communion group, the Parish flyer, which we won't show for privacy of the other families at the church, lists both of their names! 

Telling her side of the story to Us Weekly, Melissa says: 

"Gabriella is making hers [communion] at the same time, same church! We're both having parties at the same time, so unfortunately, we're not going to each other's parties." 

The reason, allegedly: "Nobody wants to re-dress their kid another day, and go through the party a week later. Nobody really wants to do that. It just happened to land this way."

"I'm gonna make sure I go over, and see Gabriella and give her a hug and a kiss before [the church service]," Melissa added. "Hopefully we can get the girls to get a couple pictures together!"

See, I don't understand all this. Here's my issue: WHY, if these families are working so hard to mend relationships, are there NO photos of the girls together? Also why not throw a combined party? This day is supposed to be about the girls, not the adults, and both women are always espousing about how the cousins love each other so much! 

I'm so over RHONJ. Furthermore, there's been a lot of allegations that Melissa's communion party was filmed. She denied this on Twitter and one of our NJ sources confirmed it was not filmed by Bravo. Interesting however that all of the RHONJ cast members were present at MELISSA's party, hosted at The Brownstone, and no one showed up to Gabriella's.

Unless, of course, Teresa isn't revealing that her cast mates attended. Or perhaps this 'We're all friends again and therapy really works!' storyline is all a joke! 

And one more point: if Melissa is so furious that people are making a story of her child's important day why did she SELL photos of the event to a major photo agency? 

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